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  1. Quote: It was a just a matter of time before he took a career-ending hit. I'm glad to see him on the shelf. I hope that Ziggy has some input in the next draft. The "I'm glad t see him on the shelf maybe? Sounds pretty incriminating!!
  2. fishpepin

    Gloat Windy

    Windy, Please be a humble winner... Get drunk, party and enjoy for next year is the year of the Cubbies! Last year ended the Red Sox drought, this year the White Sux, so next year should be the Cubbies turn. "refrain from personal attacks please"
  3. Stokley because Burleson is supposed to play
  4. What a wonderful set of morales you 3 have. I am glad that you are all Holy enough to determine that anyone who attends the Vikings game is immoral. While I do not condone their actions, I find it difficult to castigate the entire Minnesota Vikings organization. I am sure you check out all employees of all businesses that you partonize to make sure they all live up to your impeccable standards, right? Of course not! What did Ziggy Wilf do wrong? Had this been 50 US Postal employees would you refuse all services of the US Post Office? Of course not! I certianly understand the disgust you may have, but don't judge the morals of others over it!
  5. I have heard this game is being dubbed "The Toilet Bowl" so I will take the Tidy Bowl Man and lay 3 points. Seriously, I wouldn't touch this one. If the Vikes can't rally up a good game here, they may not win another all year. Can we say hello Reggie Bush? Packers 31 vikes 13
  6. Maybe she is like the 85 year old woman who burst into the Police Station crying "Officer, Officer I've been raped". The Officer asked her "When did this happen Maam"? The lady replied "Sixty-three years ago". The Officer asked "Maam why did you wait so long to report this"? She replied "Report it hell, I just want to talk about it"!
  7. I guess I more agree with you Fishin58. Haven't any of you guys been to stag parties, bachelor parties, etc. where things have gotten out of hand. That doesn't make it right, but I think it is more wrong to castigate a whole organization. When you are on a boat, you don't have the option to just leave. The blame may be as much on the charter boat for allowing it to start.
  8. If the Sux continue to get 4 outs per inning, the Angel's are in trouble. Maybe we are seeing a umpire version of 1919 Series replayed before our very eyes only in the ALCS.
  9. Due to the rainout on Saturday, they get a team that played a night game in NY on Sunday, flew to LA for a game on Monday and then flew back to play the Sux in Chicago on Tuesday. Should be a big advantage.
  10. When learning to back up a trailer, put your hand(s) on the bottom of the steering wheel and then turn the wheel in the direction you want the trailer to go. SLOW is the key. You are better off to practice in a vacant parking lot (preferably with stripes) and no one there to make you nervous. Have someone take the vehicle and trailer there and then leave for half an hour or so. Most find it is much easier to learn without the pressure of an observer. Good luck and I appreciate the effort to learn, wish my wife would.
  11. Windbag get a job and do something creative for society. You are a disgrace to Chicago and the State of Illinois. I have been trying to decide whether you are a FISH or a FIB, but I have finally decided that to class you as either would be a total disgrace to the rest of the Sate of Illinois.
  12. He doesn't have the knowledge or courage to respond in an intelligent manner. Some other facts: 1. Regardless of what he says, he was in hiding and a cold sweat that the Sox would lose it. 2. Discussing anything with him is like arguing with a 2 year old, they just don't understand facts. 3. He is probably just a "fair weather fan" as we had never heard from him before and as soon as his Sockies get their tails kicked in the playoffs he will probably go away. 4. The best way to deal with him is to ignore him and all of his ridiculous posts. At least Commanche Jim admitted he was worried and may someday get the fortitude to speak his own mind and not just agree with the Windbag.
  13. I'm In and good luck to all
  14. fishpepin


    Why is a new stadium so necessary? Is it sold out for every game? Is it delapitated? Does it offer poor playing conditions? Or is it a matter that the billionaire owner who won't spend crapola on players or facilities just wants more profit? I like the Twins too, but I just don't see why the taxpayer should bail him out? Time has proven when the Twins field a winning team the attendance is above league average. When management fields a poor team attendance falls. Mr. Polad would like us to believe that with a new Stadium the Twins would field a better team, well, I remember when Mr. Bud Selig sold that same bag of worms to the City of Milwaukee. They built Miller Field and the Brewers have not made the playoffs since, however, the franchise is more profitable. Who won and who lost on that deal? When Met Stadium was demolished, it was the newest sports arena ever demolished in the US. That was eclipsed when the Met Center was demolished, now we want to replace the Metrodome? The only way I could support any raise in taxes for any Minnesota Resident would be if the State and/or any other government body assisting in financing the stadium were given a dollar for dollar equity position in the team. That way if the Pohlad's want to sell or move the team, the State or other government would be repaid first. I think we all know that Mr. Pohlad is well aware that a new stadium would greatly increase the sale price of the Minnesota Twins and he and his family would be the beneficiaries of a huge profit at taxpayers expense. I would bet there are thousands of business owners in Minnesota that would like the same opportunity, I know I would.
  15. I would have to put the blame on Tice. He has control, or should have, over the coaches and players. Maybe he should find some people that want to play. I think his game plans suck. Only 26 rushes in 2 games, is it any wonder the opposing defenses can rush from starting blocks. Culpepper should have been on the bench the whole 2nd half last week, first to prevent injury in a lost cause and second to give him a chance to think about what he is doing. No matter what you believe the cause of the Vikings problems, Tice is still responsible. Hopefully they will rebound tomorrow and we can end all these discussions!
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