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  1. somedays

    favorite trolling battery?

    dumb question i am sure but is the idea of an onboard charger an easier charge due to not having to charge each individual battery when you get back home or does it actually charge on the water?
  2. i have seen before a coffee can, charcoal, and copper tubing set up in a fashion that warm water was always flowing in to the hole. sorry i don't know how to set it up but i have seen it work
  3. somedays

    Instead of line counter reels

    i saw in cabelas ad that they are offering the accudepth linecounter for 29.99. not a nice one but seams like a good price.
  4. somedays

    ice auger size

    I appreciate all of your thoughts. Sounds like an 8" hole is plenty. Maybe the 3 hp is overkill for the smaller auger
  5. somedays

    Does the Lowrance H2O float?

    in the instruction book lowrance says it does float with litium batteries
  6. somedays

    ice auger size

    I rented a strikemaster and broke the recoil I also had a friend that broke the recoil on his. It was a $100 repair.
  7. somedays

    ice auger size

    I was hoping to get some opinions on which size auger to get. I have decided to get the jiffy #30 but not sure if I should get the 8,9, or 10" bit. I fish mostly for walleye. Any thoughts would be appreciated.