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  1. This is a great deal gang. New kickers are going for $2500-3000. This is a great running motor and is in great shape. Just in time for the full moon bite on Mille Lacs! Putt, putt, putt....fish on!
  2. I think there are 2 sides to this arguement. I don't know that there is 1 legal/ethical answer to this question. Someone mentioned wanton waste and the ethical aspect of letting game stay in the field. I don't necessarily think this is unethical. Compare it to fishing. If you were on Mille Lacs and you catch a beautiful 26 inch fish and deep hook it and can't revive it, or let it go and later see it belly up, do you go over and put it in your livewell?? I sure wouldn't. If you call that unethical, then I guess I'm unethical and I'd guess a whole lot of other people here are too. It's too bad that hunting isn't a catch and release sport like fishing. It would sure solve a lot of this dilemma. The best we can all do is to be as safe as possible and as sure of our target as possible.
  3. 3 of us caught 3 tagged walleyes in one night last Fall on the West shore of Mille Lacs. DNR confirmed that all 3 had been stocked in that same area.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I had been following your other thread about Springer Rage and hoped and prayed that it wouldn't come to this for you as I have 2 Springers myself. I'm wiping tears as I write this and can't imagine how hard it is/was for you. I hope you aren't sour on Springers for life now. They are great dogs and great pets. I'm so sorry. Mike
  5. Interesting reading. I have 2 English Springers currently. One 5 yrs and the other 8 years. Both neutered males. Previously my father and I have raised and hunted with 2 other female Springers that have now both passed on. We have never experienced anything of the above mentioned behavior. All our dogs have been wonderful family and house dogs and have always been great with kids. My 3 year old son hangs all over my 2 current dogs and I've never heard a growl. Maybe I'm just lucky, who knows. but I've never heard of "Springer Rage". Mike
  6. Happy and Safe Holidays to everyone! Here's hoping Santa is good to you!
  7. I've been hunting road ditches in Iowa for 12 years. I've shot hundreds of birds from them. It's perfectly leagal and I've never been hassled by anyone ever. Maybe it's just lucky, but I'll keep doing it until I'm told in the hunting regs not to.
  8. Give me a holler if you're still looking for a track. I can hook you up. [email protected] ------------------ Good Fishin! Crossin
  9. Lake Erie Smallmouth. ------------------ Good Fishin! Crossin
  10. And another. ------------------ Good Fishin! Crossin
  11. Let's see if I can do this. ------------------ Good Fishin! Crossin
  12. That's very sad. I'm so sorry to hear it. It brings a tear to my eye. May God bless you and help guide you through this tough time. Mike Lee
  13. Hey, where did the Smack talking Windy City boy go. Haven't heard much from him. How sweet to close the doors in Chi-Town against Buerhle.
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