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  1. We did terrible...We were on Dry#2. We got there in the dark and set up on Friday night..had a couple bites during the night but didn't ice any. We had a guy that fishes it pretty much every weekend show us some starting points. He was in a snow-bear and was able to move around and picked up some fish. We were in pretty shallow water..could see fish swim under the hole but they weren't interested in biting. Sounded like they turned off with the cold front. We only ended up icing 2 walleyes and 2 big pike between 8 of us.
  2. Any advise/reports for a group of 1st timers on Dry? We will be going out Friday and staying the weekend. Some of us are going to try to get out there early enough to get set up in the light. We'll be swining into the bait shop beforehand as well. We'll be setting up camp in a couple of ice castles then exploring during the day if weather permits. Trying to get an idea where to set the houses for a chance to catch something overnight. Also open to any advise for Indian springs. Thanks
  3. I do both inside and outside the house, but the whole goal with getting a suit is to be able to be more comfortable doing more outside. I also will use them as my snowpants for some limited snowmobiling so that I dont' get my hunting bibs smelling like gas. I think the more research I do, the climate seems like the one for me do to it's versatility. Thanks for your input.
  4. So I feel I have narrowed down my choices for a suit to Striker Ice climate and the new Clam lift suit. Any pro's/cons either way? Striker Ice climate seems a bit more diverse suit with the removable liner. I had one guy tell me he thought the Striker was a bit tougher to move around in. I haven't been able to find any of the lift suits to try on.
  5. Thanks for the input, I'll check these out. Also, any advise for a group of first timers as far as perching during the day and eyes in the evening? I was going to pick the brains of the bait shops for the most part closer to next weekend when we head out there.
  6. Is there a way on this app to change settings so that the direction you are traveling is always up on the screen? I find it difficult sometimes as I am used to the H20 where you can set it like that. Thanks
  7. Any recommendations on lodging with fish cleaning rooms in the area? Looking to head out there with a group of 5-6 guys for the first time. If any of these places would have a hot tub and a place to get an adult beverage that's be awesome! Thanks
  8. ok I think i'll have to give that a try and see how it works. Thanks
  9. Anyone know what the best way to re-hydrate a fan that I let sit after cutting it off? I'd like to make a fan mount of it if it is possible. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. I'm pretty positive it is a mink, because I think I saw it one day running out of the barn. We were finding piles of dead pheasant chicks and originally thought they were flying into the chicken wire fence and breaking their necks until I saw a glimpse of what I thought was a varmit. It took out almost 200 young pheasants in a hurry. Anyway, what is the best method to trap this dang thing? Do I have to wait for season or since this is killing our chicks can we do it when-ever? Thanks
  11. handsonguy

    Ice Suits

    So those of you with the Striker floating suits, did you go with the original or lite version? I've heard the lite is plenty warm.
  12. Looks like people like the navionics one from the searches i've done.
  13. So I finally gave in and got a smart phone. What is the best lake map app? Thanks
  14. Awesome...thanks for all the info. I live a pretty active lifestyle and like to run as does my wife. In fact part of my lobbying for a dog has to do with me feeling safer about her running on metro paths with a dog at her side. I figured this is a good argument. This safety lobbying goes along way when trying to justify to her a new floating ice fishing suit as well as a new handgun for bear protection on our western states camping trip!
  15. one of my buddies is getting a Vizla puppy this spring so I'll be able to check that dog out a bit too!
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