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  1. Its a little funny when these threads talk about peoples go-to lures, as everyone has their own favorite/confidence lures. When I read these posts, I haven't caught fish on half of the baits people suggest, but I know that they are good lures, and catch fish. If I could give you any advice, it would be to bite the bullet and spend the money to get a wide variety of lures right away. You will soon find out that the addiction is setting in, and you will be picking up lures "here and there" - and before you know it, you'll have a couple hundred dollars sitting in your $70 tackle box... may as well do it right away! The truth is, you won't believe in a bait until you see a 4 foot "log" following your magic lure (or better yet, netting a 4 foot log), and then, and only then, will you have faith in that lure. This is especially true for topwaters. Until you put in the time with them, it is hard to imagine such a hit on these baits. My suggestions for a variety of baits.... Crank - Jake & Believer Topwater - Jackpot, Topwalker, Topraider Others "must haves" - Bulldawg, Eagle Tail, Manta Just my 2 cents
  2. The Kidd


    I think some of the rule changes will be great. I can't stand the "trap" style that is becoming the norm in the NHL. This should open things up alot. I'm sure alot of the changes were a result of the low TV ratings- trying to get a more "offensive" game to attract a bigger audience. But, after going to several 1-0, 1-1, 0-0 Wild games, I'm all for opening things up. What do we have to lose?
  3. Any experts out there care to give their input on how to use the Cisco spawn to target later fall (shallow) muskies? I guess I'm mainly wondering when you would target shallow vs Deep in the fall. Late fall you typically hear about "deep trolling", yet it seems to take pretty cold water to get the ciscoes in shallow. Obviously this changes from lake to lake, but A) What water temps bring ciscoes in to spawn? When does this usually occur (Late Oct? Early Nov?) C) Is this more of a night bite? D) Besides deep dropoffs, what type of structure do spawning ciscoes prefer on the shallow side of that deep dropoff(rock, rubble, sand)?
  4. Am headed to Arnesens Resort 1st w/end in June (opener) and was wondering if anyone had fished for muskies in this area. Any tips, and/or suggestions as to where to fish ? I have never been in the area and didn't know if this was a productive area for muskies ??? Any help would be great- thanks
  5. Thanks guys- looks like I'll have to chase pike instead.
  6. Mr B- Just wondering if you had any luck up there.. I was up the same weekend.. I managed one 41" - but that was the only fish we saw all weekend... although the wind kept us from fishing much on Saturday. I was fishing Portage
  7. Just wondering what if anyone would care to give their advice on October tactics for muskie. As the shallow weeds are dying are the fish moving to the deeper edges - and/or out in the depths chasing schools of baitfish? Better to check out mid-lake structure or stick to shoreline edges/points if casting?
  8. Don't forget to work the reeds - anywhere on the lake.
  9. Go with the bigger one - bigger the better
  10. Where do you live? There are lakes all over the state.
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