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  1. It might be possible that it is my buddies stuff. We might have forgotten it at our fist spot yesterday. If it was on North Center lake and you found a small white bucket with a tape measure and a cigar case inside...
  2. Reaper8 don't feel bad. I just went out yesterday late afternoon for a couple of hours and tried all the techniques talked about here (for the third time this season) and came back skunked for the third time this spring. I had one nice hit on a minnow and floating jig. Most of the fish are stacked in "silos" typically in 24-18 fow still. The surface water temp was between 51-53 degrees with sunfish being shallow in about 8 fow. I think it is still too early for some lakes and not for others.
  3. The battery is good as the wheel inside spins as it is suppose to. The unit is receiving power. The lights do not come on however rendering it useless. Any other suggestions? Do you happen to have MarCum's customer service number or address?
  4. I have a MarCum VX-1 and took it out of the garage for the first time this season. I turned it on and it didn't do a thing other than show the red hash light at the top of the interface. I recharged the battery and now no lights come on the unit but the drum inside does spin. first question, is Marcum technologies still in business? I called their Monticello number listed in the white pages and received a "number is no longer active" message. second question and this one is a [PoorWordUsage] shoot, is this problem I described potentially cheaper to fix than it would be buying a new unit, like a Vexilar FL-8? Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Yeah but I would expect the officer who pulled into the access to know the law... He is calling me back today to follow-up and to get the situation clear. Apparently it is a bow hunting only zone and someone at the police department told me it was OK. It appears the PD needs to get a better understanding themselves. This is the frustrating part. I was hunting from my boat in cattails. Then I think about all the tax dollars I pay...
  6. Use the Internet to get the numbers and those you get in contact with should be able to help you from there. If you call the DNR (as I did) they will direct you to the local police department/sheriff. DNR Office Locations: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/contact/locator.html So, I did both, called DNR (spoke with two different CO's) and I called the local police department for the town nearest to my destination. I ended up getting BAD information and had a conversation with the police after getting off the lake and a note on my truck from a resident reminding me this was a no hunting lake. Even doing the right planning doesn't always ensure you are doing the right thing. I guess someone was giving out bad information at the city PD. Nonetheless I didn't get a ticket and the officer had been receiving multiple complaints about shooting all over the area that morning. I also heard, not more than a 1/4 mile away, someone sighting in their rifle! Not to mentioned a pond adjacent to me of other duck hunters. I tell you, this is a VERY frustrating situation and it further reminds me to save my money for my own land and not have to deal with this kind of [PoorWordUsage]. BTW, the ducks decoyed GREAT! Too bad I cannot hunt it anymore.
  7. Thanks Ray, that helps! I have a little fishing spot hat also get's some waterfowl in it that are chased off of other hunted ponds in the area. Looks like a call to the sheriff is in order for safety sake. Anyone else have a response I'd like to hear them, thanks!
  8. I have a question. I scouted out some lakes and at the access of some of these lakes includes a sign listing unlawful activities, among the list includes fires, drinking alcohol beverages and also listed is "shooting". I took the safe assumption that hunting was not allowed on these lakes. Some of the smaller lakes were farther out from towns that included this no shooting rule. Others that were closer to town had no such sign. This is certainly confusing, can someone help put some perspective or reasoning on this matter? Does no the shooting rule apply to the lake itself or the small land mass encompassing the public access? Thanks!
  9. Regarding Shotgun pattern... You should do this BEFORE hunting to improve results and reduce wounded fowl. I recently did this with an 870 Express Super Mag (takes 3.5 inch shells) with a Remington Improved Cylinder choke. Here is the summary of my results with the above set-up. First off I used a 32-inch square piece of paper and drew a 2x2 black dot in the center to help center my shot. Shots were all taken at 25 yards. I did this somewhat unscientifically but you will get the idea. After each shot I changed the paper and later counted the number of pellet holes in a 10-inch diameter where they visually appeared the most concentrated (center of my shot). Shells tested were all 3". Brands tested: Federal, Kent FastSteel, Hevi-Steel, Remington Each shell was tested twice to produce some level of consistency. Ideally I would have tested each shell three times. Results Summary in order of best to worse: 1. Federal in both 2 shot and 4 shot loads 2. Remington in 4-shot (never tested 2 shot) 3. Hevi-Steel in 2-shot (never tested 4-shot) 4. Kent-Fast Steel in 2-shot (never tested 4-shot) The Kent Fast Stell pattern was very uneven and inconsistent. While the more expensive Hevi-Steel appeared to have uneven BB sizes (most likely deformed BB's). Remington in 4-shot was a close second to Federal in 4-shot. The load I am most confident in for Duck opener is the Federal 4-shot as the pattern was great and the average BB's in a 10-inch circle was 39. Compared to Remington 4-shot which had 33 BB's in a 10-inch diameter at highest concentration. Now granted this was not scientific but close enough to give me data for choosing a shell I am confident in. I will never buy the Kent or the Hevi-Steel for the 870 and it is now no wonder I didn't bring home any birds the few times I was using Kent or Hevi-Steel in MY gun. If you have an 870 Express with the IC choke this data is useful for you. If you have any other set-up this data is not useful and you will need to test your specific configuration. I hope this helps someone bag a few more birds this season; including me!
  10. Great story! Even better ethics. The line from your son is priceless.
  11. Personally, I think this technique (along wih countless fishing methods/tools/toys) are more for the hunter than the hunted. Throw out a handful of dekes, get camo, call conservatively and shoot accurately. That is the trick to successful hunting. Oftentimes making a simple thing complicated reduces the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome.
  12. I went to the state fair and of course spent some time at the DNR building and I also picked up an Outdoor News (dated August 31st, 2007; Vol.40, No.35). The article I read was somewhat disturbing. The article is on the first page just under main picture. Proposed changes for off-reservation water fowling include new bag limits, no species restrictions and later daily close for the season. Now, if you ask me, this is moving in the opposite direction of what MN DNR waterfowl plan is attempting to achieve. The way I understand it this proposal is just asking for reduced populations. I am concerned that this could lead to significantly reduced numbers of ducks and geese if passed. If anyone has read this article can they comment? The scope of this affects MN, WI and Michigan based off of treaty areas.
  13. I'm in the same spot. A buddy of mine has a design using electrical conduit tubing. Does anyone think this will be too heavy for a 12ft. boat? Safety is of utmost importance.
  14. I agree with the Yamaha statement. I bought my Grizzly in December of 2005; it was the first ATV I have owned and I could not be happier. The independent suspension is a dream even with a passenger. As far as power well look at the specs of the 660cc engine and it is a no brain'r. I plow snow uphill on cement driveways with it and have also pulled out cars buried in snow drifts. I take care of it with regular cleanings and oil changes and have had zero issues. I researched long and hard before making my purchase and I too was deciding between the Suzuki and Yamaha but further research proved that the Grizzly was the obvious choice. I do not plan on replacing this ATV so it is a decision I made for the long haul...or ride. Good luck!
  15. I am planning on heading out ice fishing this weekend for one last shot and would really like to catch a trout. Can anyone provide advice on the best lake with-in 1-2 hours of Minneapolis to catch a trout? I really want to catch a trout through the ice and need advice to increase my chances. Right now I am considering Big Watab near St. Cloud. Good or bad choice?
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