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  1. JessEm

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    Those two don't [PoorWordUsage] without the other knowing about it. It's not conceivable that PA wasn't aware of what was going on. Dubay has the personality to become addicted but not the personality to try it on his own. PA has the personality to introduce it to him but not become addicted himself... My guess, PA is kicking himself right now.
  2. JessEm

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    [note from admin-please read forum policy before posting again.]
  3. JessEm

    KFAN's Puffy arrested for Crack

    I have nothing but sympathy and pity for people with destructive addictions. And nothing but respect and admiration for those who've hit bottom and rebounded to make something of themselves. But something I can't tolerate... Well, in the case of Puffy The Magic Crack Pipe, the adage, "Judge not lest ye be judged" comes to mind. In other words, he goes out of his way to fry other people on the radio for the same thing, so he more than has it coming. As far as I'm concerned, justice will be served only when his life is officially ruined. And the kids who look up to PA & Dubay?? I guess we know where the next generation of people is coming from who think it's normal to drive around with hookers and smoke crack.
  4. Those are nice birds, and nice pictures! What camera did you use for those?
  5. JessEm

    public land besides WMAs

    Powerstroke, where do you get county plat books and the sportsmans atlas? Send me a email at jessemerson "at" mailcan dot com. I don't want to highjack this thread but it says private messages are deactivated??!?
  6. JessEm

    Selling a 12ga.

    Thanks! I saw that but it looked like boats/fishing.
  7. JessEm

    Ammo - 20ga O/U

    I appreciate the info on the shot size fellas. I've always used #6 in my 12ga. but wasn't sure about the 20. For pheasants I'll probably just go with 3" lead #6 in both barrels and call it a day. I don't want to load them up with BB's or blow them apart but whatever works. ...I'm thinking it should be OK. So, what is the average range pheasants are taken at? I'd guess around 30-35 yards? If anyone has some info on this that would be great. I might just do some testing with different shells and find the ideal spread for average and long range shots. Thanks again.
  8. Hello, I was wondering what ammo you 20ga over/under owners use for upland birds? I'm thinking of trying a 2-3/4" shell in the first barrel because it's my understanding that 2-3/4" is better at 'normal range', and a 3" in the second, full choke barrel. That way if I need to take a second shot it will be a little further and the 3" might come in handy? I should probably mention the barrel length is 26-1/2". Any thoughts on this or ammo suggestions are appreciated. I thought I'd try asking here before a go buy a bunch of different ammo and start testing. .. Which gets me to thinking, what would you say is the average distance most birds are shot at? ...Maybe that's for another subject.
  9. JessEm

    Selling a 12ga.

    Hello, I posted a message earlier about a Wingmaster and now it's gone. I'm guessing it may have been deleted for being in the wrong category. Can someone please tell me the best place(s) to post a gun for sale/trade? Appreciated!
  10. JessEm

    Sanely priced rods and reels...

    Cortland quietly makes a good rod at a non-loomis/croix price. I I checked their web site and a few mom & pop places around the metro carry them, as well as Cabela's.
  11. JessEm

    Ranger Trailer

    My 18' Ranger is on a single axel and it seems fine. I don't think they'd do it if it wasn't safe. There's also a spare. ..The KEY I think, is to inspect for dry rot, especially if the tires are more than a few years old. It usually appears as cracking between the treads, and is the reason seemingly good tires blow... or should I say shread. ..If there's a tire guy here he could probably elaborate on this.
  12. JessEm

    Fish caught under false floor.

    tkettel, If you're near Bloomington I have a rivet tool and some alum rivits that you're welcome to use. Just let me know.
  13. JessEm

    Bought A New-used Boat.... What Now??

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes and the advice. The motor runs great so maybe just an inspection of everything is what I'd like. Otherwise, this is what I have so far: - Do necessary work when winterizing so it's ready to go in the spring. - Winterization I can do myself, once I learn how. - Change trailer wheel bearings and grease. (youtube video) I didn't get the owners manuals and my guess is that I probably need them, right? Does anyone know where I can get them for a 92 Ranger boat/trailer and a Mercury XR6 150 outboard? Also, I've been running this boat on the river a lot lately so I'm wondering if any special considerstions will need to be made for that silty water? Thanks again for all the help.