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  1. This spring I planted 300 fruit tree seedings. A bought them from the MN state nursery. The box had plum, chokecherry, cranberry, dogwood, crabapple, and Pincherry. I planted them all in tree tubes and made a perimiter around my food plots. Many of them grew above the 4 foot tube by fall. The deer did browse on some of them so I wish I would have got the 5 foot tubes. But I am spraying them to keep the deer away. I also plated 24 six foot tall apple trees of 4 different varieties from a local apple orchard. The first year these trees need lots of water to establish roots. Trunk protectors are a must, I also used weed mats and had to put a fence around them to keep the deer from eating the branches. This was not cheap but I belive it will pay big divedends in the long run for all the wildlife. Can't wait for the next couple of years when all these bloom in the spring it will be a awesome sight.
  2. Good stories so far! Here is another. Elk hunting in Colorado 4 years ago I was helping my buddy track a cow he shot. We were about 6 miles off the forest road way back in the wilderness. We finally found the cow and I was looking at were he shot her. She was lying right next to an aspen tree and when I stood up staring me in the face was an enscription in the tree. Some person carved the date, his name, and "4x5 bull. What are the odds?
  3. It would ne nice to see a place in these forums where people can report any weird findings/experiances in the woods. I thought I would start it here and see where it goes. So here is my story. About 10 years ago I was visiting an old friend in central Todd county. When I got there he said he had to show me something. He told me he was out that morning walking the edge of his field. Along the edge of this field is an old dried up creek bottom. He just happened to be looking at this one particular spot in this creek bottom when something didn't look rite. Something was sticking out of the ground that was out of place. After doing some digging he pulled up about a foot long piece of elk antler. He showed to me and it looked very old. The part that was sticking out of the ground was the base. You could see little teeth marks were some critters were chewing on it. The other end was rotted off about a foot from the base. Never had it examined but it would be interesting to know how old it is.
  4. The truth. It is an evasive critter.
  5. Theological discusion? I don't think you want to go there. If you use the criteria needed for proof that some people here require. There are going to be some God fearing people sadly disapointed.
  6. I find it hilarious that people run around in monkey costumes, and this is definite proof that bigfoot is fake.
  7. I agree! That's why when people report bigfoot sightings, the description is pretty acurate!
  8. I understand your point of view. I'm just adding my 2 cents to make people think of all the possibilities. Have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest? From Canada to Northern California there are millions of acres of untouch wilderness.
  9. Does anybody remember Eric Rudolph? He was the guy that planted the bomb at the 1996 olymics in Atlanta. He was a hunter, woodsmen, and in the armys 101st airborne division. He fled into the Appalachian wilderness. 200 policemen, police dogs and law enforcers searched but never found him. He was a fugitive for 5 years. He was finally caught behind a strip mall digging in a dumpster. The point is, if some one dose'nt want to be found, he won't. I'm sure people got a glimps of him from time to time, but they probably were'nt believed either.
  10. I too am among the, I'll believe it when I see it crowd. But I love a good mystery and have researched this subject. The best evidence for it being real is the Gimlin Patterson film of 1967. But you have to ask the question. There are thousands of sighting reports going back to the native americans. So what are they seeing? I'm sure to them it is real.
  11. Sven heard the fish were really biting. So He went to Ole's House To ask him to go fishing with him. Ole said, "No I can't the outhouse is full and Lena says I have to pitch it out and it's going to take all day". Sven thought a moment and said "I got an idea". We take 2 sticks of dynamite, one with a short fuse we put under the outhouse". One with a long fuse we put in the shat". "The first one blows off the outhouse, the second one blows out all the shat and we go fishing". Ole thought a moment and said, "I think that will work". So they carefully placed the dynamite, lite the fuses and ran behind the barn to watch. Just then out came Lena from the house making a mad dash to the outhouse. A few seconds after the door closed, BOOM! Up goes the outhouse. BOOM! out flies the shat. BANG! Down comes the outhouse. The door slowly opens and out comes Lena stumbling through a cloud of smoke and says. "Uff-Da, good thing I didn't do that in the house"!
  12. Ole and Lena had just got married in Fargo. They decided to go to Brainerd for their Honeymoon. It's a long drive and Ole is getting a little anxious. Finally outside of town he can't take it any more and starts rubbing Lena's knee. She looks at him with a big smile on her face and says, "OH Ole you can go farther than that". So he drove to Duluth.
  13. I am a Hunter and Fisherman therefore I am a Conservationalist and Enviromentalist, as I believe most of us are. I would like to believe that if I were alive when the buffalo were being wiped out that I would have done something about it. Are the whales being wiped out? That's the problem, nobody knows. They are not the kind of people I would hang out with, but I give them respect for standing up for what they believe. Are they stupid? I some ways yes. But look how smart they are using the most powerfull weapon they claim they have, the media. None of us would be talking about this if not for the show.
  14. Thanks Chunky Trout for the info. Cold ones on me at the Krazy Wabbit.
  15. Our group of guys would like to head up to Ely this weekend. Does anybody in that area think there will be enough ice by then?
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