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  1. I checked the app for my Galaxy 5 phone and it is not compatible with that either. Never mind didn't realize you had to have the Bluetooth on and it works fine now.
  2. Ok I still don't see where vexilar is setting the bar because there is nothing on this unit that Marcum hasn't already done with their LX-6 and LX-7 and there are still options on those that vexilar doesn't have. I love when he says a industry first obviously he is talking about vexilar only. I don't hate vexilars but when it comes to technology in the flasher industry vexilar has always been playing catch up with Marcum.
  3. I used last year the new Jiffy propane auger and I loved it. No gas or fumes and you don't have to do a choke. Was in -25 degree temps and it never took more than 2 pulls to start it. I know a lot of people didn't like the weight of it but this year they came out with a lite model that does weigh less.
  4. I did the same thing I converted last year from the LX-3tc to the new LX-6 and it was the best thing that I ever did. I absolutely love the LX-6 and there isn't anything you cant do with this thing. The picture quality is fantastic and having a 6 color option for the flasher makes a big difference. You cant hear it at all once it is on which use to bother me with the mechanical flashers and free updates from the mfg are very easy to do. I use the flasher and vertical zoom on my screen at the same time. And I also love the 2 different cone settings by just the push of a button. I will NEVER go back to the mechanical flashers again but I did keep my LX-3TC as a second flasher just in case I bring someone who doesn't have one.
  5. That makes things worse for me I have been getting the itch for ice fishing that I went through my portable shack and topped off the charge on my Marcum LX-6 and did the new software download for it. My wife is laughing at me because I am doing this so early but for some reason I am looking forward to ice fishing this year more than any other year.
  6. Well Gill man there are quite a few things that the Marcum LX-6, 7 and 9 do that the standard flashers can't or don't do. Just a few things listed below to show the difference. All digital screen uses less battery and is very quiet when turned on. •Four user-selectable color palettes •User-defined on-screen "Dashboard” displays digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, interference rejection (IR), target adjust, or any combination thereof •"Multifaceted Sonar Display” LCD windows - "water column vertical,” vertical zoom, flasher-dial and traditional widescreen graph displays. •Industry-exclusive Sonar Footprint technology displays area of bottom coverage at any depth, with either 8° or 20° transducer cone angles (ex: 20° – 32ft depth - 11.3 ft ‘footprint diameter’) •Adjustable Scroll/ping rate •Fully user-defined "Dashboard” displays digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, IR, target adjust, or any combination thereof •Adjustable Night-Vis Backlight
  7. Very nice video and congrats on all of those monster crappies. Makes me want to get out there and fish but I have no ice right now.
  8. Quote:From a Technology standpoint Marcum is out front by a long shot, from a usability, reliability standpoint.....they all work well and for the most part are very reliable. GL. I have to totally agree on this statement that Vex has been behind in technology over Marcum. Marcum has always had more features than Vex and they keep pushing the envelope even farther with the new LX-6, LX-7 and LX-9 technology. But both are really good companies and all boils down to personal prefrence on which one to choose. Can't go wrong with either company but good luck with your choice and happy fishing.
  9. WinterHaven


    Yes the temp guage is used for open water for boat use only.
  10. Well whenever we develope ice around here and I can get out I will take some pics in action and hopefully of some fish too. It looks like Thursday starts our cold front and hopefully ice comes quickly after that. It looks like a really nice unit and has software version 3.1 on it so hopefuuly everything works fine on it. It is alot of money for this unit but honestly from what I can see and all the options it has that my LX-3TC didn't have looks like it will be money well spent.
  11. Thanks for the clarification Cichlid.
  12. Haha the way I was able to get it was I used my Christmas bonus check from work. Other than that my wife would never pay $599.00 for a flasher for me.
  13. Yesterday I ust received my Marcum LX-6 in the mail and looks like a really nice unit. Can't wait for safe ice to go out and use it and like the idea of them sending a snow shield with it and not having to purchase one seprately. I own the LX-3TC and noticed that they changed the charging system as well. I did notice that the LX-6 takes much longer to charge which isn't a big deal for me at all not sure if it is a slower trickle charge because of the digital display instead of the traditional motorized wheel. Probably a safety feature to not fry the digital display. Can't wait to use it but I am sure glad on didn't jump on the LX-7 last year because I do like the smaller screen to be close to the size of my LX-3TC. Hope everyone else has liked their LX-6 or LX-7 units they have puchased and used so far.
  14. I always wear a t-shirt and jeans with mine no matter how cold it is outside and really don't have a problem with any more sweating than I would wearing anything else.
  15. I am like most of the others, I don't start getting my stuff ready until after Thanksgiving. I usually don't restring my rods until the weekend before I know that I will be out on the ice.
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