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  1. CrankinEyes

    HUGE buck taken in Duluth?

    [Didnt find it that evening, but found it in the a.m. with the help of some friends and their dog.] Is it legal in Minnesota to track downed deer with a dog? Just wondering.
  2. CrankinEyes

    Decoy paint

    I will use premium flat house paint for a base and then acrylics over that. Depending on what species (Divers) you could use premium house paint for the whole decoy. I would post a pic if I knew how.
  3. CrankinEyes

    How did everyone's Turkey Season go?

    I will not hunt season 4 again. Never saw a Tom or a Jake in an area we fill out every time we draw. Only saw 3 hens the 1st morning none after that.
  4. CrankinEyes

    truck gas mileage (possible trade?)

    I have a 2000 with 5.3 engine. It is an extended cab long box and I get about 18 Hwy. I am going to be putting it up 4 sale this week (going to a crew cab)if interested.
  5. CrankinEyes

    Deer Head/Shoulder Mounts Opinions

    Post your email. I can send you pictures of a semi-sneak right from a few different angles. I would send pictures of a semi-sneak left but I won't get it back till summer.
  6. CrankinEyes

    Eating in the stand

    I think you should leave your stand for lunch. I shoot most of my Deer between 10:30 and 2:00 because you guys leave your stand for lunch. You are much appreciated!
  7. CrankinEyes

    Donating deer meat

    Mark's meat in Circle Pines. They will charge you for processing. They cut up more deer than anyone in the state and will only take a few donations and then they charge you for it. Go figure. Or go to the MN deerhunters assoc. web site.
  8. CrankinEyes

    What would you do?

    Which CO did you talk to. Was it the one from Chisago? If so I havn't heard much good about him. Besides those guys should be all over this guy. Also try the the local Sheriff if you thinks it is a gun and not hunting related issue.
  9. Kind of quick to judge. We have all lost ducks. I hunt with 2 dogs and have lost ducks. Well maybe 1 or 2 in the last 10 years. It could have been someone without a dog that needs better shot selection.
  10. CrankinEyes

    Mallard Decoys

    I have used Carry lite, Flambeau, G&H and Herters. They all have served there purpose. If you are hard on Decoys then go with G&H or burlap wrapped Herters. I prefer the Herters for the way they ride on the water in any weather. This year though I will make and burlap wrap custom decoys.
  11. CrankinEyes

    Ladder tree stands

    Rivers edge makes a 15' that you can pick up for about $60.00. I bought one last year and it worked out fine. Secure it right and it will not make noise. You will however need to buy a pad for your a*^.
  12. CrankinEyes

    Mallard decoys for sale

    HunterLee Chells is going to buy them. I will let you know if the sale falls apart.
  13. Here is the list of what I have for sale: Flambeau: 10 - Hens 11 - Drakes Carry-Lite: 6 - Hens 5 - Drakes $50.00 for all.
  14. If money isn't a problem then the St.Croix Avid series is a good bet. I have a freind who uses the blanks and I prefer it over the G-Loomis. As far as trolling goes the Berkely Lightning rod 7ft med action, lots of experience with this and lots of fish.
  15. CrankinEyes

    Some days we can't win

    The old Does are the most cautious. Once that old Doe finds your spot she will check it most times when she is in that field. I had one check my stand almost every time I was in it.......for 2 years. She gave me plenty of oppurtunity and she never spooked off so she became a pretty good decoy. Took a nice 8 pointer a couple years ago because of her. Now houses cut off the field and a local resident thinks his 4 wheeler has rights to the world. Kinda got off the subject. Stay put and don't move and things will work out.