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  1. Fishhappy1986


    was on vacation last week up near outing,mn and had 7 ducks(we think)fly just outside the dekes and flew in front of us but the sun was right in our face. these birds were vocal like geese heard them comin a ways away didn't have a clue it was. kind of a peep but deeper sounding than a woodie by far and about the size of a mallard or so. i wish we got one just to ease my mind
  2. going up to a buddys a little past max mini store and he doesn't think any ducks are around. while there may not be "many" i told him find the rice should find some ducks, well he didn't make it up last weekend and now we are in a crunch for finding some rice lakes, which may be difficult as high as the water got the later it got.thinking the flowage into winnie should have some, but never been, we'd like to hunt in the morning saturday.. any suggestions not spots just a couple lakes would be great. thanks for any info P.S. how has hunting been in the area buddy always hits his lake and talks down it this year..but I have high hopes like always
  3. Fishhappy1986

    season wrap up.

    Always love duck season ducks or no ducks, I had a blast with my buddy and his dad(who had not been duckin in a while) the second weekend, got 8 birds 3ringies,2gwTeal,2woodies and a mallard. we easily should have had 2 limits or better. I was on the birds a little bit that day and they kept sayin i was pushin em down so they couldnt shoot.had some good laughs with some good people and found some dam good huntin partners. Great season for me its not about how many but how fun and the could'ves and should'ves.. You'll know better next year
  4. Fishhappy1986

    Early Goose Reports

    was in outing this weekend gave it a try with no luck. did get a shot though which to us is a bonus. this sneaky honker was all alone we were acually gonna call it for the morning, gramps was standing up in the boat and we were talkin all of a sudden here one honk and there was this goose wings set committed 40 yards out so i took two shots and byebye goose he was gone faster than he came. was great though really this is a good time for scouting ducks in our eyes cause there just aint many geese in the area to go after. to make it even better was gramps birthday on sunday and he was happy to be hunting which he has never done on his birthday before especially with his two grandsons he turned 78.
  5. Fishhappy1986

    Top 3 duck hunting lakes in MN

    Federal dam, pelican, good lake near Outing,MN not much pressure. Can count on shooting most the time on these lakes.
  6. Fishhappy1986

    Any Northern Ducks?

    A lake just outside outing off of 48, sorry don't want the lake to end up full of guys.. The one guy in town heres about it he and his whole family will be out there until they shoot the birds out of there. Really though people don't come out there unless they here ducks are around and then she fills up with hunters and less and less ducks, you guys did alright it sounds on laura I take it we thought about driving up there sunday but man I don't think it mattered we got into em where we were also.
  7. Fishhappy1986

    Any Northern Ducks?

    hunted the outing remer area this weekend and didn't do anything in the morning saw a flock of about 200 divers mostly ringies we figured because later sunday night me and my cousin got into ringnecks like no tomarrow, Best shoot me and him have ever had. We had a flock of at least 500 or more come into the lake and they wanted in right where we were. We stopped 10 min. before shooting time ended because we had 8 birds down in 20 min. and though we had too many bluebills but turned out we didn't have one all ringnecks thank god. next time I'm identifing the birds when we get them my cousin thought the first 3 were bills and they weren't. but all and all it was a great shoot. Big rice just outside of remer I heard flocks of 25,000 divers were on were on that lake,Whether or not thats true I don't know.
  8. yea I've heard great things from that lake haven't made it out there yet i'm stuck between the lake close to the place and then later in the year will have to hit leech or the fedral dam.
  9. Fishhappy1986

    Clark Kent Fasteel

    I like the 3.5" 4s laethal jump shootin loads and nice to have along as well work good for grouse if they aint "too" close
  10. I hunted in this outing this weekend north of emily on 6 saw a few birds nothing really to speak of a couple nice flocks of 15-20 birds mostly ringnecks and a couple teal,not many mallards though and was really curious about that cause a buddy of mine has a place by squaw lake and the mallards are all over. Not much of anything for geese. Talked to a guy thogh and he said guys were doing pretty good on big rice north of outing Still on Highway 6.Its a non motorized lake so time pushing a canoe is the way to go. but none of this is comparable to the dakotas thats for sure.
  11. Fishhappy1986

    First Time Grouse Hunting. Where?

    For the first timer good luck to ya. You said you'll be up in the balckduck area. Will you be going up highway six? if so there is good hunting off the crooked lake twnsp atv trails. We have a place in outing. Plenty of grouse in the area just have to put in some hours walking, you've got the right idea with the clearcuts and other info on your post. Listen for them aswell they make a high woop noise when they get nervous then they will run a little ways and stop if they think their not being followed. Had a buddy of mine say "You here that frog" mind you it was mid to late oct. but anyway we had just stopped the wheelers to take a break and he heard something and it ended up being a grouse, walked into the woods and sure enough he was walking away from me but just not fast enough..HA HA
  12. Sounds like everyone is ready or already having a great time... Shoot some birds and enjoy your weekend kids and parents.
  13. Fishhappy1986

    Decoy Setups

    i was out this weekend near outing and tryied my luck for some early geese and came up short. saw more than we thought but couldn't get them to commit. Back to decoys though, we had 24 dekes out sat. night didn't have any come close. sun. night we only put out 14 and had 2 pairs come straight across the lake right for us but saw something they didn't like or we spooked em,they were just outside of shooting range. As far as ducks coming in we had anything from mallards to woodies and even some ringies come and sit for a minute. First time early goose and didn't care one bit not shooting any geese it was absolutely awesome seeing all those ducks. We're in for a excellent season I'm thinking. We saw more ducks this weekend flying around the lake than I've seen in my years of hunting. The rice crop is outstanding comparing to recent years.
  14. Fishhappy1986

    good hunting lakes/streams

    thanks for the advice guys, you think maybe a a small row boat would be better then. I could get one from up north that way have something for the gear. One more thing not looking for specific spots but st.michael maybe put in or more out of the city? Don't know of any landings...Thanks