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  1. Those are some nice kayak set ups on the lakes, but not enough room for me. In the 80's I bought a 12' Crestliner to use only on the chain of lakes, added a good size trolling motor and some electronics and it worked well for me. I last used it in 2000, but kept it around until three years ago just in case I decided to try the lake again. I felt fortunate to live so close to a lake in the city that would produce very large bass, walleyes up to 30" and good size northerns and tiger muskies. I did not fish for muskies but caught quite a few. On the average I could leave my house, drop the boat i
  2. Little Leechie, please give your phone back to the adult in the room, if there is one.
  3. The old pavilion burned down two years ago, and they just this spring approved the plans. Building starts next year with expected completion in 2023. The access was improved over the last twenty years, but it is located next to the busiest intersection around that chain of lakes. There are a lot of very rigs going in and out the access. I just read that they will be moving the access and sailing club somewhere else on the lake. The sailing club sometimes was the most annoying part for me. Some seemed to think the access was there just for them. I think there always ha
  4. I was wondering how that would work. That would take a very special selfie stick.
  5. That's a conversation for the children around here. I have three motors, all Evinrudes
  6. They may have plans to move the access after they build the new pavilion area.
  7. Excuse me, but it is Canon. That guy is probably 30 years younger than I am.
  8. Nice fish! The lake is full of big bass and was really fun to fish.
  9. Not me. I used to fish it often, but it has been 20 years.
  10. Thanks, I had no idea what the one that flew by was. Nice to see the different waterfowl as they pass through. Soon it will be mostly mallards and geese around the lakes.
  11. While driving past Lake Harriet I spotted some waterfowl that stopped on their way north. Looks like Bluebills in the one photo. Couldn't get a good shot of the other type but think they might be Buffleheads. I had to Google them.
  12. This flew by while out for a walk near Bde Maka Ska
  13. They just roam around the neighborhood
  14. Crocus. Things are blooming early. Our first tulips will be open any day.
  15. I see many vultures while photographing wildlife in Florida.
  16. Please delete your rant which has nothing to do with photography
  17. Leech, how about you take your hypocrisy over to Sillytown? Even though I thought two of you were being over the top ridiculous, I deleted my photo. Now that you doubled down on the ridiculousness, please remove your rant which is far worse than the photo I posted.
  18. I came back from Florida for surgery that I had two days ago so I have far too much time on my hands for a few days. I like documenting things in the news with my camera, such as demonstrations, be it from the left or the right. So I went to scary downtown Minneapolis on Monday to capture some things going on around the courthouse and I posted a photo of someone writing something on a wall with some chalk. It offended at least two people so I deleted it.
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