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  1. CaptZ21

    Yammi SHO problems?

    I have to admit that I haven't been here much since moving to Guntersville but have a question. Been looking at new boats and was interested in a SHO but I have run into 4 guys down here who all have had the enjoy blow at about 60 hours. Anyone heard of that happening elsewhere? thanks
  2. CaptZ21

    Tonka Classic

    Anyone know the results for the Minnetonka Classic?
  3. CaptZ21

    Fast vs. extra fast

    Thats exactly what she said.
  4. CaptZ21


    I will agree with Cecil about larger reels and memory. There have been numerous threads about dock fishing and flouro vs braid. I will and have used a 4000 with 10# flouro for some dock fishing just to help alleviate the memory problem you can get with flouro, especially when you throw in the adrenelin of being in a tournament. I personally recommend a 4000 series with flouro for this type of fishing, especially if the water is pretty clear. I use a 7' GLX, 10# flouro and skip weightless lures quite a distance with this combo. To date I have two over 6 while fishing in tournaments, so I like the combo and dont mind the extra weight of the reel.
  5. CaptZ21

    Yamaha SHO

    I blew another lower unit, this one went from 5900 rpm to zero in about 2 seconds, it is locked up so tight they cant get the gears out to inspect the shaft. Second LU in a year, and the third Pro XS 250 this month at Frankies with this problem. So, since they cant spec it they have to send the unit to Merc for warranty claim and Merc will make the decision if they will cover it. There is not a mark on the prop, lower unit, and I havent hit anything, but it will be interesting. Frankies is hanging a new LU on tomorrow while I await Merc's decision, which certainly should be to honor the warranty but who knows.
  6. CaptZ21

    Yamaha SHO

    I thought I posted this earlier but do not see it so here goes again. Summer is almost over and I was wondering if anyone has heard much first hand information about the new Yamaha 4 stroke? Particularly interested in if it is holding up, as strong and economical as first stated? Not stuff you heard from someone who hears something, but things you heard from an owner or a mechanic. I am just really curious since I really havent heard much.
  7. CaptZ21

    MNBFN 2010 State Tournament

    The top finishers will end up somewhere near the top.
  8. CaptZ21

    MNBFN 2010 State Tournament

  9. CaptZ21

    MNBFN 2010 State Tournament

    You have to be in a BASS affiliated club and finish in the top percentage the previous year to qualify or you can make up a club with phantom members and qualify that way too. Not just in California.
  10. CaptZ21

    Crankbait opinions

    Tonka, I have a few Loomis GLX heavy flipping sticks but cant see them being that good hope I am wrong. I do use a few Loomis cranking rods and have won some money this past year on them. One thing I did discover is that Bass Pro makes a hell of a good flourocarbon that I use cranking. What is a bulky flipping stick? Just thinking outloud. No one mentioned the L Craft Flat CB 20. I really have come to like how this one and the 12 work through grass without hangin up. Also, they might be pricey, still less expensive than buying 3 Raps to replace the broken bills.
  11. CaptZ21

    Biggest 5 fish Limit in Tournament?

    It was Raveling and Larry Reid.
  12. CaptZ21

    Pre fishin strategies

    This question is just like prefishing. Over a 100 answers and ways to look at it! First thing on the prefishing menu is have you done your homework on the lake, ie studied maps, talked to others who have fished there, and read blogs? Secondly is what is the season, what traditionally hold fish on that body of water that time of year? I had the great opportunity albliet many years ago to sit next to Hank Parker on a plane not too long after his 2nd Classic win. We began talkning and then I asked him how he found fish on a new lake. Remember this was long before good lake maps, chips, GPS, and sideimaging. He told me the conditions dictate where the fish will be basically by the season and then to just put the trolling motor down and let the fish tell you where they are and what they want to eat. I of course mentioned finding those "perfect spots" but couldnt get a bite on them. He once again said keep moving til you find active fish, if the spot is that good go back and check it a few times but that you cant make them be where you think they should be. As far as how many you stick on a spot, if it is less than 3 days I would never stick more than one fish on a KNOWN spot. If it is something I just found I would stick enough till I felt confident in the spot even if it was the day before, but might change the presentation the next day. Having said this I do tend to practice what he told me, and used it to good stead a 2 yrs ago when faced with 3 days to practice on Kerr Lake in NC, it is over 120,000 acres. Long story short we just covered water looking for bites and not looking back too much when something didnt produce. Tournament day found 336 boats competing and we finished 6th and got a pretty nice check. In closing I do think you can stick fish and then maybe reluctant to bite the next day but they are living creatures and they do neet to eat.
  13. CaptZ21

    Biggest 5 fish Limit in Tournament?

    This is a little off the mark but not too long after the Weds nighters on Tonka started I was at the weigh in waiting to see if I have big fish (lil over 5#) when a limit was brought in with the smallest fish being 5 3/4 and the big fish around 7 1/2 with 2 6 lbers to fill out the then 4 fish limit. It was over 25 lbs for 4, and I am thinking they culled a 5, but I was there and saw those 4 hawgs.
  14. CaptZ21

    Duckett Rods

    I own one and like it a lot. I have about 25 Loomis rods and the Duckett compares very favorably to the Loomis rods in both weight and sensativity. Personally I feel it is a big bang for your bucks. I will be buying more.
  15. CaptZ21

    Zebra mussles

    Suprise, suprise, they probably have been in tonka longer than they have been in the Alex Chain. Now you will most likely see a big rush by the landowners to use this to cut off access.