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  1. I would like to get a used boat that is reliable. My budget is $5,000 after making any necessary repairs and upgrades. I primarily fish for walleye, northerns, and panfish and would like to be able to use on medium sized lakes like Cutfoot Sioux, The Horseshoe Chain etc. would like 40 to 60hp motor. 16 foot or less. Would prefer aluminum boat, v-hull, NOT flat bottom boat. Should be a wider boat so that it's stable when my father (older fat guy) is rocking it around. Lots of storage space especially for rods. Split screen dual council would be nice but not necessary. Reliable trailer also important. Prefer a bowmount trolling motor. Well these are the things that i THINK i would like or need, but i've found out that you all have a LOT more knowledge and experience than I might have, so i'm looking for opinions and advice so that when i purchase my FIRST boat, I can make as few mistakes as possible. Thank you!!!
  2. a simple solution would be to require all stands marked with a 3 x 5 tag attached to the tree just below the stand, as well as permanent engraved plates on the stands. That way you can make a rule require them to be taken down let's say every 72 hours. Now, the gamewardens could then cite, and mail a ticket to the offender. In addition, it is STILL huntable with anyone with a license....so, if someone happens to be in your stand in the morning.....shut up, and walk away and return later to retrieve your stand. Or, get yourself a portable hang on which has a easy hanging attachment hook, or t-bolt....then the removal of it and even hanging it in the dark isn't too bad. If you MUST leave it up in the tree....you better get their early. I personally would never hunt in someone elses stand. I have my own property and it's all posted. I've lost 3 stands over the past 10 years, and they were ALL in my own woods. Now that will make you boil....so I can feel for you.
  3. This boat is set to be listed on HSOList beginning tonite April 21st. It is a 3 day auction, with no reserve and the boat will have a new home by Sunday nite. Bid away,you won't be disappointed.
  4. This Crestliner boat is the low profile modified V bass style boat. It was purchased in Aug. 2001. Depth finder is Lowrance X135, trolling motor is Minnkota Power Drive with Co-Pilot. These 2 items were added late in fall of 04' and have NEVER even touched the water. Boat is in extremely good condition, as it's only been in the water 15-18 times. Has roller trailer by Spartan and canvas cover by Stearns. This model can be viewed at the Crestliner HSOforum, or I can send you the exact photo's of the boat. Reason for the sale is I purchased a RiverPro because I've got a passion for fishing rivers, and this boat is just gathering dust....it saw the water only 1 time last year. It does handle big water suprisingly well!!! I've had it to Lake of the Woods, and Mille Lacs. It's awesome to fish out of, especially casting for bass or Muskies!! HUGE live well in the rear. 2 Dry compartments in rear, 1 in front. Rod storage front left holds 6 rods easily and up to 7ft. Also bow storage and storage on the right front for life jackets, anchors,etc. Build this boat on the Crestliner HSOforum and before you add the trolling motor and depth finder you get $16,500. High Bid takes it, you'll find it on hsolist right now, and the 3 day auction ends Sunday nite....current bid is at $5,050. Boat located 4 miles west of St. Cloud,MN Office: 320-259-1311 x100 home: 320-202-7838 e-mail: [email protected] Mike Fanslau
  5. Having hunted this woods for 15 plus years, and harvested or helped harvest 20+ bucks in this couple hundred acre region i'd guess him to be 2.5 yrs. The nutrients in this region seem to give you lots of spikes and forkies that aren't very massive in the 1.5 yr class. He could be a 1.5 yr old, but i'm guessing not.
  6. 4 of 4 of us in our hunting party use Jackhammer 75 gr. mechanicals. On opening weekend in ND 3 of us scored. One 8pt, 2 9pts. 1 scored 145!! and in velvet too. All 3 mechanicals opened, one ran 150 yds with a double lung, one ran 40 yds with double lung, 1 ran 75 yds with a double lung shot. 2 were a complete pass through. 1 did not. All bows shot 55 lbs plus. All shots under 20 yds. I shot 3 deer last year with this broadhead and experienced the same kind of results as above. My 14 yr old son did his science experiment by purchasing 6 different kinds of broadheads. 3 mechanical, 3 traditional. He shot them into wood, steel, and 3/4" rubber. His 6 page report showed a clear advantage to all the arrows that had a CHISEL point. That was probably more important than mechanical vs. traditional. His test (although limited by his budget to purchase expensive broadheads) helped him to confirm his choice in broadheads. At the time he could only pull back 45 lbs and therefore used a traditional broadhead (muzzy) to take his first deer. This year he has switched to the Jackhammer mechanical in the 75 grain, and is shooting 56 lbs. He took a very nice 8pt @ 5 yards and the entrance hole was a nice big fat triangle. That's my experience, and experiment results. Good hunting!!
  7. fonz58

    Favorite lure

    Mepps Comet #3 or 4 for smallmouth. On the Mississippi(near St. Cloud) a friend and I caught 27 smallies with this lure last Wednesday. The biggest was 19".
  8. i checked my Lowrance order, and the right HSOforum for ordering is www.lei-extras.com
  9. you can buy maps for just about the whole USA from lowrance. Just go to www.LEIextra.com (or close to that, maybe LEI-extra.com) I just ordered a detailed map for the 3 northcentral states, MN,WI,IA come together for $99. Unfortunately, upon ordering it, I was sent a notice saying those states are scheduled for programming in June. (I head to Kenora June 1st) The map of MN does include an overlap into ND, and Canada, so from what I was able to tell I would get at least half way up Lake of the Woods as part of the map. This is NOT a lake map, it's got all of the lakes on it of course, but it is a very very detailed map with all roads and landmarks as is used in Aviation.
  10. I have a Springer, she is 4 years old. I have one friend with an 8 yr old springer, and 2 other friends with brits. You can't go wrong with either breed. Advice given to me by a world champion dog trainer. He asked me "how much time" I wanted to dedicate to training. I really wanted a pointer (britt), but after I realized the greater committment to time in training most pointing breeds I chose to go with the springer. His next most important piece of advice, is don't go buy a dog because it's cheap. Get good bloodlines if hunting is important to you. In addition, I had found a HSOforum which gives you questions about YOU and what is important to you when choosing a dog. It then ranks the breed compatability to your lifestyle. Since I didn't want shedding or alergie issues the poodle and bischon frise (sp?) ranked 1&2. NOT!!! So, I just eliminated them and some others I didn't want......added my own personal issues that their test didn't account for and made my choice. The springer and britt ranked between #10 & 15 for me.....well down the list, but the test doesn't account for the all important HUNTING requirrement I had. It covers these issues: good with kids, watchdog, shedding, house dog / lap dog / or outside dog, and a few more. I couldn't be more pleased with my springer. Most importantly she is a loving family dog that is smart and willing to please. She just loves to hunt, and she's good at it! She stays close, and flushes birds close (most of the time, as the birds have something to say about this) She's so good in fact that she's got the run of the house and has NEVER made a oops in the house for the 10 hrs. that we're gone from the house each day. We live in the country, and she makes a great doorbell too. But she's NO guard-dog......I think she'd lick most burglers silly. Good luck in your selection, if you e-mail me, I'll send you that HSOforum address (if I can find it)
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