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  1. Here is a pretty good link to explain what Carl is trying to do. [note from admin: please see forum rules before posting again. Thank you.] So how do you like photmatrix? Is it relatively easy to use?
  2. I didn't see him when I snapped the shot, found him when going through the pics....will have to go back and look for him.
  3. You are posting the thumbnail in photobucket....get rid of the th_ in the link below and you will have it. http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q249/fast40m/ th_DSCF0004-1.jpg http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q249/fast40m/DSCF0004-1.jpg
  4. That can be a tough call. How many others hunters in the area....How long have the ducks been hanging out in this hole...time of day...how easy they are to sneak in on...does the pond have a good source of food or is it a loafing spot???? Lots of varibles. I have done it both ways....I prefer to spook'em and qickly set up but sometimes the chances of them are returning are slim and it is an easy sneak.....take the "bird in hand" approach.
  5. Now that the season is wound down for me and I have had time to go through some pics. My camera was giving me some problems this year so did not get as many pics as I would have liked.
  6. A guy I work with has the 300 F4 with a TC. He loves the 300 but has never been happy when he uses it with the TC. Has sent it back to Canon and it was better he still not happy enough with it to feel confident using it with the TC.
  7. Quote: Those weren't my pics, although they are very nice. I will keep trying to get situated with FM and then my pics will hopefully be up. (Contact Us Please) Ithe word sensor does not like your naming convention...whatever is between k/43 and /mini- is what is causing the problem. http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k43/(Contact%20Us%20Please)/mini-DSC02464.jpg
  8. Doesn't sound like a sharptail. They make a much different sound....say bup-bup-bup....bup-bup-bup real fast. Also, it is probably unlikely that it would flush up into a tree. I flushed a lot of them and never had one go to a tree. Not that they don't sit in trees as they often do, just that when they flush they will sometimes fly a short distance but become very wild in a hurry. I have seen them flush hundreds of yards away and fly out of sight. Also you tend to see them in coveys at this time of year.
  9. That last one is one of your best pics yet. You are missing your calling
  10. I find the #3 boathouse pic an interesting subject as well....maybe because it is a lot more interesting that the newer boatlifts the litter the modern shoreline. Some different lighting and composing might make it pop a little more.
  11. It's easy to laugh when you are not the butt of the joke Nice pic.
  12. Quote: Bill, The top one is very nice. I'd like to see that flower when it is open, I can't say that I've ever seen one, or at least noticed one. Look around ditches and close to wet areas. I believe that like Lady Slippers it takes a long time to develop so you tend to find it in areas that have not been disturbed for long periods. Lots of it around my cabin....like anything else, once you learn to spot it, it is pretty easy to see.
  13. This muskrat come running down the road at me. The sun was wrong in the first pic but I stepped aside and he ran past me...not a bit afraid. When I chased him he headed into the grass for a second pic with a bit more light. Not sure where he was going but he sure had no fear. Just a few minutes down the road and this guy stepped out. I was in the sun, he was in the shade and I was looking into the sun and he was a good 75 yards away. I took a few shots anyhow. Looking for a few comments on this one....I kind of like the soft look and the composition but then on the other hand I would have loved to had the 7PM sun lighting this guy up. Not sure what to make of it.
  14. I know Mike likes flowers so here ya go Some Fringed Gentian not quite in bloom yet. Some Joe Pye Weed. ....and some Brown Eyed Susan in the morning sun.
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