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  1. Random Sample

    Milfoil dying due to hot weather ?

    Have been up North lately but got out yesterday in the Metro area and noticed all the milfoil was brown/tan. Wondering if that pushes the fish out of the dying weed areas? Lake fished was just a big bowl no real main lake structure to hit, points, rock (that I could find)or docks but normally a decent bass lake.
  2. Random Sample

    Walther PPS

    I have one and it has been terrible. Lots of jams, 1 recall, been to the gunsmith and still jams. Maybe mine is a rare lemon but never the less compared to my CZ and Beretta there is no comparison.
  3. Random Sample

    Torn ACL on My Lab

    Cant say what it is only a vet can. Last year my 1 year old brittany came up sore and at first was diagnosed (incorrectly)by my regular vet as an ACL. I took him to an orthepedic vet Dr Levine considered to be one of the top vets in MN. It turned out it wasnt an ACL but a luxated patella (trick knee). This was surgically repaired with great success and the dog was better off it was this problem vs an ACL. My point is go to the vet if after some rest the limb is still sore and make sure they are experienced in handling these injuries.
  4. Random Sample

    Torn ACL on dog

    Mike Sorry to hear, this vet is considered to be the best surgeon in the Twin city area. I uded him for knee surgery on my dog and he has healed up nicely. Veterinary Surgical Specialists. Dr Steven Levine, DVM, DACVS. There is information about him available online. Good luck
  5. Random Sample

    Tonka Classic Results??

    I left right before they called the winner but it looked like 27lb would win 20.4 to place.
  6. Random Sample

    Spawning bass?

    I was on Tonka yesterday morning and saw numerous beds with males guarding, some beds with both male/females on them. Pretty much everywhere I looked I saw bedding bass. West end water 65-67 degrees at 10 am. "sight fishing walleye" could see them crusing the shallow weeds and pitched jigs/crawlers got a couple 20 inch walleye. Would have rather been fishing the bass.
  7. Random Sample


    I have had both a Triton and Champion 210 and prefer the Champion, but all the better brands listed are nice. For me I think about and pay attention to the engine choice, trailer quality and rigging more than the boat itself becasue that is where you end up spending time and money over the years.
  8. Mike, You might want to consider looking at a used O/U I have seen many high grade shotguns with little use for very good prices. You may find a very nice gun a year or two old in that $ range. I know there is a large gun show at the MN fair grounds this weekend or next that should have lots to look at and an opportunity to make a deal. A well taken care of gun can last a lifetime so purchasing a used firearm could make sense and it is fairly easy to tell the condition and upkeep of the firearm.
  9. I used Dave at Wings and Whistle Gun Dog training in Watertown Mn to help force fetch train. I have a Brittany who now retrieves multiple birds to a heeled position holding hte bird until asked to drop. It took a few weeks my dog has decent retrieving instincts for a Brittany so a lab should get it pretty quick but I know without using an experienced trainer it would have been a struggle for me on my own.
  10. Random Sample

    dog trainer minn

    Wings and Whistle Kennel Watertown does a nice job with dog training. They have a lot of experience and turn out a nice hunting dog. Ask for Dave or Mike. I have used them and a number of people I know have as well with positive results.
  11. Random Sample

    Any experience with recovery time - partially torn ACL

    Good news for him is the tear is minor enough that the vet doesnt want to do surgery unless if completely goes. So he will be staring out of his kennel wondering why he is not getting his weekly runs for the next 2-3 months.
  12. My 19 month old Brit has a partially torn ACL/knee has anyone dealth with this and the recovery time? I am suppose to rest him 2-3 months.
  13. Random Sample


    Try Towtector they have a good product to keep the rocks and dust off your boat.
  14. Western Suburbs Waconia /New Germany looking for names of contractors that do delivery & spreading of gravel.
  15. Random Sample

    Minnetonka Bass Reports?

    Actually not someone fishing the Sliverado but someone that understands fishing patterns my last one being deep.