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  1. kg2

    Temple Fork Outfitters signature series

    I bought 2 of the TFO signature series from the Reed's 2for1 sale they had a couple months back. I had planned to be use them for drop-shotting. They are extremely tip heavy! Let me stress that they are extremely tip heavy! (So are St. Croix Mojo.) Hopefully I can find a use for them or they will be piled up in the corner of the garage. Maybe I can use them for jigging for walleyes, but I have better rods for that, too. I have dozens of mid-dollar range ($100+) rods on up and really didn't need these. I will never purchase a rod over the internet without first fondling one again. Lesson learned. The signature series is their opening price point. I hear better things about the TFO Tactical Series.
  2. kg2

    Winter is coming.

    I had a junco yesterday in Mankato. I haven't seen a hummer since Sunday. Last year I saw them last on 9/26. (year ago from today)
  3. kg2


    When you deal in absolutes you prove yourself to be ignorant.
  4. kg2


    No, it looks like her panties are all bunched up. (like Roger's after being squashed so many times) The human officiating element will never be able to be removed. The Packer's got an earlier call, but they whine about the last one. (Also the human element - short memories).
  5. kg2

    How close is too close?

    Agreed, it is easier for the boat under power (electric or gas) to step aside, but just because someone starts a drift shouldn't give them clearance (right-of-way) for the entire length of their drift. 1/4 mile away is a lot!
  6. Side point... I think you hit the nail on the head as why you don't see more sonar companies in the ice fishing business and not much innovation (certainly compared to technology like SI). Most icefisherman are content with keeping their color flasher forever. (That isn't a knock on anyone, that is a fact.) This is in stark contrast to what is happening on the soft-water side of things. The market is just so much larger!
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  8. kg2

    Trolling Motor Question

    As long as you are not under-powered just by stepping up in thrust does not mean you will gain speed. A lot of people have trouble understanding this concept. Prop pitch will be the same on all of the Minn Kotas (with the exception of the E-Drive which is built for primary propulsion) and RPM doesn’t vary much on them so speed won’t vary much, either. Minn Kota trolling motors are designed for fishing applications, not speed. Think of it this way: tug boats have a lot of power (thrust), ski boats have a heck of a lot less power, but they can drive circles around the tug boat. With that being said, as long as you aren’t underpowered I would suspect 2-3 MPH at WOT with a Minn Kota trolling motor. As mentioned above, make sure the trolling motor is realizing 24 volts (2 batteries connected in series – not in parallel).
  9. kg2

    Trolling Motor Question

    The Terrova 55 is 12-volts, not 24!!!
  10. kg2

    boat landing question

    If the OP tied up out of the way there should not have been a reason to move the boat. It does read as though that the people involved had differing opinions of what "in the way" is. Moving someone else's boat should never happen, though!
  11. Wow. That top team can fish and the chicks really dig them.
  12. kg2

    i-Pilot Link?

    Also, my understanding is that the i-Pilot link will only work with the 2013 LM chip.
  13. kg2

    i-Pilot Link?

    You aren't using a current LM chip... Vermilion is HD Lakemaster mapped! Spot-on. I don't really see a value of using any map that isn't HD. Yes, I am anal and would rather use my SI and spend the time learning a lake if the map isn't HD.
  14. kg2

    Flying Squirrel

    Did you happen to notice a moose walking around on two legs nearby?
  15. I have to say... D's first tournamnet could not have been won by a nicer team of great fisherman. (that got really lucky)