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  1. EJ

    Fish House Camera

    Looking to get a camera for nothing but connecting to the ice house TV. Want good resolution and color for kids. What's the best economical solution? Thanks, EJ
  2. Thanks for the video. He doesn't show disconnecting house from vehicle. It can be difficult. There are many variables including how high you block it as well as your hitch height. These can affect your ability to disconnect the vehicle. One "trick" I have found useful to disconnect vehicle from house is to pull pin on my receiver hitch and drive the hitch out from the house after lowering everything. You may need to use jack to get tongue weight off of receiver to have it loose enough. Just something I have found useful when lowering without blocking up. You could also go to a drop tongue hitch but then I would have issues with my driveway grade at home.
  3. No Kidding. They are large bodies of water with fish in many spots. I wouldn't even consider drilling holes in some ones trail to their fish house. Selfish beyond description.
  4. I have a similar boat and used a bracket. I would think it necessary to distribute the load more evenly.
  5. Actually the graph and your zoom are both displaying what is happening as they are processing the same information. The graph just includes history. It is a new mind set quite easy to grasp and adapt to.
  6. EJ

    New Lake

    Yes or the point to the North where it says 5'. I would stay by the structure near the hole as this seems a small lake. I would not fish the 5', just saying this is the area.
  7. EJ

    Tip Up Alerts

    I think soft is fine unless you beat on the stuff during travel. The sending and receiving units have been durable for me.
  8. EJ

    Tip Up Alerts

    I use the Strike Sensors and think they are the best system out there. I would think something better will come along shortly using our smart phone technology to it's fullest, but as of now I will stick with the Strike Sensors. I would get a nice travel/storage case for them. Some complain about battery usage, but it really is not bad and I use them most every time Walleye or Pike fishing. A seasons worth of batteries is no more then a trip or two worth of minnows.
  9. You will love the graph. They are only different displays showing the same information but one, the graph, gives you a history that you can learn from. The only conceivable reason Marcum offers the circular "flasher" display is because of people's reluctance to move to something new. I have been using an X102C graph for ice fishing for a decade and I will never use a circular display. What do you use in your boat? Why not take advantage of all information? I am getting an LX7 as well and will only use with graph modes.
  10. I used the JM 5000 last year. No complaints except upgraded anchors. Very warm, a lot of room, good zippers, large storage bag and easy pop up or down. I would get it again if mine was stolen, burned up or flew away in a gale.
  11. Have run the heater on a lot of trips with no problems.
  12. I have a hard time getting them to listen so I just clip the left pectoral fin before I go to bed and they swim in tight circles.
  13. I bought the Jason Mitchell 5000 last year and it was great my 3 boys and I. It is fully thermal and I think about the same size as the Clam 1660.
  14. Redlineracer, I have fished up to 4 in the JM 5000. I only do 4 or 5 holes then. 3 is very comfortable. It is 9.5 feet from corner to other flat side of pentagon.
  15. I have nothing but good things to say about the Jason Mitchell 5000 thermal Hub. Well maybe except the ice anchors.
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