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  1. Of the two ways, horizontal is best, and yes, it can still settle there also. The thought is if you pick it up, the material may break loose but shaking it every so often is the best way. It is a good idea to make it a part of your pre-boating checklist to check your fire extinguuisher to make sure it is also charged. When you or someone else needs it, then isn't the time to hope it is in working order.
  2. Commercial Life Vests. Kent style type 1, orange with reflective material 8 adult/2 children, each with battery light Bought in 2004, never used, like new condition $300.00 for all. Sorry, I don’t have pictures No personal checks. Email: [email protected] Home phone: (218) 384-9877
  3. (2) Cannon electric Mag 15’s New in 2004 Used approx. dozen times, like new condition Always stored inside when not in use Single aft mounted rod holder Telescoping booms Cannon retriever mounted on each rigger Extras: Pursuit swivel base/New terminator kit included with each unit. $675.00/each or $1,300.00/both Sorry, I don’t have pictures No personal checks Email: [email protected] Home phone: (218) 384-9877
  4. When I got my captains license two years ago, it was explained to me "accessible" is not having to do a function to retrieve your lifejacket. If the lifejacket is in a compartment, you would need to open the compartment (that would be a function). Also, if it is in a bag, you would have to open the bag first (that would be a function). The best place for a lifejacket is wearing it, if not, then right beside you. Accidents do happen and usually happen fast. As for fire extinguishers, if your MUST store them upright, make sure that you "shake loose" the material inside at least once a month. Standing upright, the material will "pack" and form a solid clump because of the pounding going over the water. Come time to use it, you will only spray out the propellant. You can tell when it breaks loose. Best to store horizontally. My two cents.
  5. 1991 Thompson 240 Fisherman Hardtop VERY CLEAN-Well maintained. MerCruiser 5.0 LX Alpa One 230 H.P. Power steering/Elect.-Hyd. trim tabs 05' Honda 4 stroke 20 H.P. kicker/elect. start/trim/steering 04' 24'-26' Loadmaster tandem axle trailer/elect. brakes/spare Much more $24,500/o.b.o. [email protected] (218) 384-9877 http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/2575/lowres13cg.jpg http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/3650/lowres36sd.jpg http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/5026/lowres95td.jpg
  6. I have otter Magnum sled/shelter w/hitch for sale. Is good shape, 4+ years old. Older style sled. Lots of room for one and cozy for two (I used lawn chairs but custom seats would give more room). Used approx. dozen times. I want something lighter to pull by hand. Was asking $300.00 but will take $275.00 cash. I live in Thomson/Carlton area. [email protected] [This message has been edited by backcast (edited 01-09-2004).]
  7. Gofishleech, Sled is 3'wide by 5 1/2' long. Fits in standard size S-10, Ranger, Nisson truck. I did use it a week and a-half ago, zipper very good shape, no problems. Bottom of sled some scratches, most of the time I pulled out by hand or drove out on ice and used it. Couple times hitched ride on sled and led onto rope by hand. [This message has been edited by backcast (edited 12-23-2003).]
  8. Sled/shelter 4+ years old. Black, used dozen times. W/hitch, never used. Good shape. Shelter always stored inside. Doesn't have reflective tape. Want something lighter to pull by hand. $300.00 Older Magnum III model 110 ice auger w/extension. 8" 33 c.c. Runs good. $150.00 Old Mora hand auger, used twice on new blades. 8" dia. $10.00. Sorry, no picture capability. I live in Carlton/Thomson area. [email protected]
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