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    lure advise

    I would suggest you use a braided line for frog fishing. I have found it darn near impossible to set the hook while fishing frogs on mono. I feel that mono stretches way too much. I like 40# Super Braid.
  2. If you guys like I can set something up but it is going to be very informal. The problem I see for me is I fish a lot of tournaments during the first half of the season so any days off I spend prefishing. I would think that later in the season would work for a lot of guys here on the forum. The way I envision it is catch and release only and everyone is on their honor. I could make a list of lakes and all a guy would have to do is check them off as you go. I do not really think keeping a fish in a livewell for 14 hours is a good idea plus it is illegal to transport live game fish. I would be very tempted to do the challenge on Minnetonka just because of all the lakes there but I could also put together a list of lakes and then have a ending lake where everyone meets. The list would consist of west metro lakes because I am more familiar with those lakes. There are hundreds of lakes in the west metro that are just a few miles apart. Also I do not want to interfere with the FM bass tourney. I would like to fish with you guys in that event this year so I would hold off on setting a date until the FM event is set in stone. If I see enough interest in doing this then I will set it up, if no one is that interested then it is not a big deal.
  3. My vote is for Waconia. Everyone would have a better than average chance of putting a 4+ pounder in the boat and there is a ton of parking. Plus at the ramp you can put two boats down at once. There is a lot of shade and plenty of room. I read some guys would like to fish Twin/Sylvia but I vote no on that lake. It is full of 12 inchers and personally I would rather poke myself in the eye with a red hot poker than fish that lake or even worse than that, I would rather go Walleye fishing. Just my two cents though. I hope to make it this year, last year I had a tourney.
  4. Here is how I may think of it... does the DNR lake finder consider the two lakes seperate or one big lake? But if we go by this thinking then Minnetonka would be one big lake. If a guy did choose to fish Minnetonka then think of all the idling you would have to do to get from bay to bay, that could take as muck time as trailing the boat and going to a differant lake. I would consider your lakes all seperate because I believe the DNR surveys them as seperate lakes. Where I am I can think of four lakes within three miles of one another. So trailering the boat is not that big of a deal, the hard part may be finding parking at one of the lakes during the weekend. It is an interesting point to think about though.
  5. I think a lake like Minnetonka would be a great place to take the challenge. Each bay kind of seems like a different lake and you could cut down on drive, load and unload ramp time. I think North and South Center would count as two lakes because of the channels that seperate them. I would say that if a lake has two differant sections or is seperated by a channel then you can count them as two lakes. Most of the lake in my area or seperated by just a few miles and when I am moving from one lake to another I just think of it as a long boat ride. I think a FM 10 Bass challenge would be a ton of fun. We could start off with a check list for each lake. Once you check off 10 fish then move to the next lake. It would be like a motorcycle poker run. Minnetonka would be perfect for this because of all the bays.
  6. OK it late January and I am forced to think back on past adventures. Last year I came up with an idea one day while on the lake. I started the day fishing against a buddy of mine for bragging rights. When the time came to weigh our fish I had caught 10 fish and earned bragging rights for the weekend. When we had parted I decided that I was not ready to go home yet so I hit another lake. In about 4 hours I had caught another 10 fish and was really getting pumped up. By 4PM I had hit two lakes and had caught a total of 20 fish for the day. I decided to try another lake and catch another 10 fish. I spent a few hours on the lake and had not caught one fish so I decide to head home. I got to wandering how many lakes I could fish in one day if I stopped at 10 bass per lake. If I had left the first lake I had started on that morning I would have been on lake number two by 10AM. If I had left lake number two after I had caught my 10th bass I could have been to lake number three by 3PM. To take the challenge you would have to have the entire day free and willing to do nothing but fish. I can tell you that after spending 14 hours on the lake that day I was whooped but I had a great time. I think of it as a fishing marathon. Next season I am going to try and hit five differant lakes in one day. I will only leave the lake after 10 fish have been caught. Only bass over 12 inches will count. The day starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. Have any of you guys ever done something similar to this? I would bet I am not the only one to do something similar.
  7. dan2957

    Moon Phase

    I am not sure if it is my style of fishing or if it is where I am looking for them during the moon phase. I like to throw a jig 90% of the time. I can probably still catch them on a jig but maybe I need to move out from cover or closer to cover. Or maybe I need to stand on my left foot instead of my right foot. It is something I am going to try to work on this next season and see if I can change the stats a little bit. I do not let the moon phase determine my state of mind however. I still have confidence that I can catch fish and I will not stay home just because I am on the back side of a Full Moon. I just need to adjust and as of right now I have not been able to make the correct adjustment. My fishing buddy is the exact opposite of me during the moon phases so maybe I need to follow what he does and stop being stubborn.
  8. I think another reason the fishing is better up here is because this is gravel lizard country and bass fishing has just started getting popular. Another reason is because I think the fish have a more stable enviroment in which to spawn. In reserviors the water level can fluctuate from year to year and this can hurt spawning. Also the bass have a longer life span here as opposed to down south. Longer life span equals more chances for me to catch them.
  9. dan2957

    Moon Phase

    I have been keeping records of my fish caught for the last few years and from what I see I personally catch more fish during differant moon phases. I have only kept records of numbers of fish caught and have not paid attention to any size differance during the moon phases. Here is how it breaks down for me. I start at the New moon for the moon phase and use a graph to track the numbers. During the New Moon and going to the Full moon I see a steady increase in how many fish I catch. Once I get to the Full moon my numbers steadly drop off until I get to the Waxing Gibbious(1/4) moon where the number of fish caught begins the slowly increase again and then fall slightly until the New Moon arrives. The only thing I can come up with to explain this is that my style of fishing does not do well after the Full Moon. I probably need to adapt to where the fish relocate and then maybe I can start to catch more fish after the Full moon.
  10. How about an article about the mental part of bass fishing. What does a guy go through during the course of a day on the lake and how to metally prepare yourself when you know the bite is going to be tough. How do you prepare? What to do when things arent going your way? The mental part of prefishing.
  11. I grew up bass fishing in south Texas and I can tell you that fishing here and bass fishing in the south are two differant animals. I believe that a bass is a bass but finding bass in Minnesota is going to be easier than finding bass down south. First off, don't let the size of the reservoir intimated you. If you go down there with that mind set then you are in for a long day. In Mid September the fish are going to be hanging out on ledges and drop offs. Just think of it like fishing a deep weed line up here. I would bet the fish are going the be in 10 to 15 feet of water. Get a good map of the reservior and do some prefishing in the comfort of your home by looking over the map to find those drop offs. I would circle or mark several areas on the map that look promising. This will help you eliminate water and narrow down the reservior for possible areas. It will also make the reservior not so intimidating. Just remember that not all 34'000 acres are going to hold fish so try to find those key areas that are holding fish. If you can find 5 spots that look good then you will narrow down the river to a more managable size. Also, keep in mind that the bite is going to be tough in mid September. You may only get 5 bites during the day so prepare yourself mentally that it will be tough. Have patiences and trust your instincts. We are spoiled here in Minnesota because the bass fishing is very easy. The bass down south get a ton of pressure so be ready for a slow bite. If you can find any vegetation than you may want to fish the area hard. Keep an eye on your depthfinder to find any variations on the bottom. Southern bass fisherman like to sink trees and brush piles on points and dropoffs so keep an eye out for them on the depthfinder. A brushpile or sunken stumps can be a goldmine down south especially if they are located near a ledge or dropoff. Good luck with the tourney and let us know how your do down there.
  12. Holy Smokes those are some toad Smallies! Great job Hodgie. Looks like you figuered them out pretty quick. Good luck next season and Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  13. Hey Dietz, You may have posted this somewhere but I can find what time you will be at Cabelas this weekend.
  14. Hey Mac, I posted my email addy so send me a email if you would like to see my log layout. Dietz I hope your baby isn't too sick. I think I saw your going to be at Cabelas Saturday, I may pop in for a visit and say hi.
  15. Well I'm guessing with the cold weather moving in this week the lakes will be making ice before the weekend arrives. This topic was brought up this spring and I thought I would check in and see how everyone did. It looks like Dietz officialy closed the open water season on the board so I guess I will get it started. My season is not quite done but I know the lake season is over for the year. I need to get one trip in sometime this December in order to fish open water all tweleve months of 2006 in Minnesota. I am pretty sure I can squeeze in a December trip in the next 30 days. Here is how the year broke down for me. I count only bass over 12 inches. Jan 2006: 13 fish Smallmouth Feb 2006: 20 fish Smallmouth, 9 Largemouth caught in Texas Mar 2006: 0 fish during 1 trip Apr 2006: 2 fish Smallmouth May 2006: 19 fish opening weekend June 2006: 107 Lg/Sm July 2006: 93 Lg/Sm Aug 2006: 120 Lg/Sm Sept 2006: 96 Largemouth only Oct 2006: 99 Lg/Sm Nov 2006: 28 Smallmouth Dec 2006: still hoping to get to the 600 mark Total: 597 total fish caught during 127 trips for a 5.06 fish caught per trip average. I fished 35 differant bodies of water too. I have my 2006 log on an Excel spreadsheet with some interesting stats plus I broke down fish caught by moon phase if anyone is interested in seeing it. I will black out a few things(honey holes and secret lures ) but if you need some ideas for an easy to use log I can email mine to you. I was able to crack the 5 pound range five times this year. I am still looking for a 6-7 pounder( maybe I'll catch her in a money tourney next year). Overall I had a great 2006 season. I can not wait for the start of the 2007 season. I get depressed in October knowing that May is so far away. There is nothing I would rather do than spend an entire day on the lake. I could do it everyday. Just ask Sluggomaster about my marathon fishing weekends where I spend every minute of sunlight drowning a jig. There are evenings when I curse the sun for setting. I have been bitten hard and there is no cure.... I am not looking for a cure. I learned a valuable lesson this summer. Sometimes, when the fish won't coorperate it is ok to take a day off from the lake. I would love to read about your bass totals and goals for the 2006 season. here is my email if you guys would like to see my spreadsheet layout [email protected]
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