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  1. I would suugest getting one of those decks that mount on top of your box and come with long ramps. you can load 2 wheelers or sleds on top and still pull a camper or boat.
  2. If you want to find a keeper, I would suggest you use one of the internet dating sites and post pics of your hobbies, fishing and hunting. This way the ladies will see what you really enjoy and will not be surprised about what YOU like to do. There are quite a lot of gals who enjiy fishing and some who do the hunting now more than ever. I see you are from WISC, there are a lot of ladies shopping online for potential mates, look into it, you may be surprised. There is even one called Plenty of Fish. Check it out. Good luck
  3. What is that white stuff under the house? lol ok, with the weather we have had the last couple of days, I hope we can go out Ice fishing soon. By the way, how tall is the sled? And is the XL any taller. No bashing here, but I love to see more women invloved in this sport. way to go
  4. price reduced to $200. going into Duluth newspaper on Monday at $240. I will have the unit with me in Mpls/St.paul area this weekend. 612-306-5669
  5. I bought this unit last fall through Bass Pro Shop, so I believe the unit is a 2005 model, used 4 times, I have upgraded to the FL20. FL8 Pro Pack SE, 19 degree ice ducer, Battery Status indicator, battery and charger, instructional video still wrapper, have original box and all registration forms and instructions. will fit in 5 gallon bucket. Warranty card, brand new condition, buy from me and do not pay sales tax. only $240.00. I will be in the Twin Cities on Dec.9 and Dec. 10. give me a call on my cell phone 612-306-5669. thanks, scott
  6. gorilla glue sticks to everything including canvas
  7. I saw the pic you sent mw, but I did not see any reflective tape on the corners of the house. Is there any stitched on to the sides or corners?
  8. could I get pics. and what year was the Praire. I have a 06 King Quad that needs new rires. I can't believe the stock ones have worn so much with only 1100 miles
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