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  1. Wow Lunk, all the plots look awesome! What a bummer that the wolves moved in and disrupted your hunting, next year it hopefully is better! It will be good to have food there this winter to keep them hanging around. Just wanted to throw this tip out there. I noticed in the first pic with the apple orchards. Try to get those limbs trained outward with some wire, etc. and make sure each tree has only one central leader! Keeping those puppies properly pruned will make them produce faster/be healthier more productive trees in the future!
  2. I have zero knowledge on sugar beets and have always wondered if this was an option! Thanks for asking the question and all of the replies! With that said, I have another question! For all of you that have planted sugar beets, turnips or radishes for your deer up here in MN....do you ever see the deer eating the "root" part of the plant? I understand that they like to eat the plants after a couple of frosts, how do they dig them up once the ground is frozen? Have you seen this happen? This was my first year planting a plot off radishes, purple-top turnip, rape and rye. They are loving all of the green tops right now, but not seeing any use of the roots. Just curious?!?
  3. I have had really good luck with my Bushnell Trophy Cam (Bone Collector) but would have to say my best ever camera has been the Moultrie M-80. The thing is bulletproof. I was just in the market for another new one and I was searching around on all brands....until I looked at the reviews for their new M-880 which is the new model of the M-80. Why go away from what works!? I will say....I have had two wildgame cameras and both of them are now in the trash!
  4. Just curious to see if anyone was planning on doing some fall plantings of trees in the next several weeks. I am new to the tree planting game....but I would love to get a few pear trees in before the snow flies. When do most of you have good luck with this? I would think sometime soon!
  5. It looks awesome! Hopefully you can get some rain to make it pop!
  6. I hope you guys were luckier than me and caught that rain yesterday!
  7. I actually went with seedlings from them with my dolgo's as to save a little money as I had already had 5 grafted trees in my order and didn't want to spend any more money!
  8. I purchased them online from burnt ridge nursery! That sounds like a good plan, good choice on the rootstock! That's why I purchased my dolgo's
  9. Have you thought about the drop times of each of those trees and where you would like to put them for hunting purposes? Might be something to think about!
  10. I put in two seedlings this year! We shall see how they do come next spring but I know several others with Dolgo up by Brainerd that love their trees for that late holding ability!
  11. Very nice! I plan to try out the tree tubes next year. I planted several dunstan chestnuts and American chestnuts this year that I just caged....I believe I would have had better protection/growth out of a tree tube!
  12. I would go with crabs as they are much more hearty than apple trees. Start with Dolgo, Whitney and maybe chestnut crabs. Deer love all three. With the sand, you will be able to get away with usin lumite around the base of the tree which will help hold moisture. Top it off with some pea gravel around the base to help hold down the lumite and to hold in extra moisture. Get some 36" window screen and out it around the base of the tree to prevent mice and whatnot from girdling the bases of the tree and killing them! Top it off with a nice fence to keep the deer out for the first 4-5 years and they should be on their way!
  13. Grabbed my trail cam from the woods this morning to find that 1/2 of the bucks that came in this week are missing bone! Tis the season, at least for me!
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