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  1. '99 Champion 181DC w/150HP Mercury XR6 Motor. Everything in great condition with only a few minor cosmetic blemishes from normal use. Includes: 80lb Minnkota Maxxum Pro SS Mercury Prop Flow-troll recessed foot pedal Humminbird electronics (9997SI & 858HDDI) Trailer has 1 year old tires and a good spare Price $10,500
  2. FYI - I think there is another small tourney scheduled for Germ/Jeff on Sep 7th. Should be plenty of water for both I'd imagine.
  3. NTW

    AM I DREAMING?!!?!?!?

    Awesome - Congrats Tony!
  4. NTW

    Fall bass on Leech

    I was up over labor day weekend and there didn't seem to be a way to do it wrong. I did well on rapala minnow cranks, flipping jigs, and chatterbaits. Others in the boat caught them on bobbers and leeches or worms. Fair number of walleyes were caught as well. We fished steamboat bay & agency bay when it was windy.
  5. NTW

    Bass Rod

    Veritas is on sale at Gander for $70. Hard to do better for the money in my humble opinion.
  6. NTW

    abu garcia vendetta

    Oops for some reason I thought you were asking about the veritas...so my response probably doesn't make sense. Not to change topic but anyone know/notice the difference btwn veritas/vendetta? Blanks look the same and rods felt the same to me. And I echo the $10 replacement is not bad...not great either if you do it repeatedly. Also not fun removing pieces of it from chest & neck.
  7. NTW

    Bass Photos

    Nice fish everyone! Bemidji - that fish looks incredible!
  8. NTW

    abu garcia vendetta

    Same thoughts as Sheepheadslayer only I was cheaper yet and bought vendettas because I think they feel the same?? Nice light rods with a decent feel...only warning is that I've had 2 of them explode on me during hooksets.
  9. NTW

    998 SI mounting

    Nice! A major plus to have another unit on the bow that shares info with the 998. Very nice for getting on the waypoints you set when side imaging. I have the 700 series with DI on the bow...still trying to figure out the advantage of DI but SI is incredible once you get the hang of it.
  10. NTW

    998 SI mounting

    Glad to hear it worked out to get that unit Tony. Doesn't look like you need the help though from what you've been posting lately!
  11. NTW

    Things you should teach your son

    +1 for Peatmoss! Good topic and suggestions by all. What I think when I read this is that it is very important to be present for your sons/daughters. I have worked with some fathers who do excellent work/make lots of money but that is all they do. In my humble opinion, their kids are in need of lessons from dad. There is certainly a standard of living that needs to be met which requires financial backing but going beyond that has its own costs.
  12. NTW

    champion bass boat input

    I have a 181 from the same year with a 150 Merc. Overall the boat is great quality and has done well by me. I've recieved compliments on its finish and its 13 years old! My partner runs a triton of similar size and I can agree with the comments above that the ride depends very much on the driver skill. I am a novice who drives slow and finds ways to bounce around and he is able to go balls to the wall on rough water with little turbulence. I have two issues with the boat that are the reasons I'll try something different next time. - Storage layout is not ideal by any means for a partner's gear. Small compartments - Non-removable dual console and the console space is really tight for an adult over 6'
  13. NTW

    I have done the impossible!

    BassFshn24 - Your PM is overlimit. If you get a chance send me a message...I have a lead for you.
  14. NTW

    I have done the impossible!

    Haha that's awesome man...congratulations first off! I have the 998 and linked it to an 800 series (non-si) up front for waypoint sharing. Game changer that is easy to install/use. Can't speak for Lowrance comparison because I've only seen one in action and it was not working properly (I think it was incorrectly installed) SI is right up there with a recessed tm pedal in terms of increased enjoyment. Having/learning side imaging has significantly changed how I fish and what I catch.