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  1. oh, it just sounded like you got to do a lot of shooting. nothing better than getting to whack 6-8 greenheads on a hunt.
  2. sounds like a fun hunt, and sounds like you did a lot of shooting. how many ducks did you shoot?
  3. Just use the tailgate of a truck. or you can do it on the ground too, its just as easy. are you planning on doing the ear pinch method, or toe-hitch?
  4. Perch_44

    No Roll Sinkers and why to use them?

    I use whatever 4oz sinkers i can get the cheapest online or on 3Bay!
  5. Perch_44

    20 inch Box Fan

    is the box fan still available? if so,i'm interested in it...
  6. Perch_44

    Electric Collar

    also to the OP - stick with Tritronics or Dogtra, they are both very reputable brands. find one with the options you want, in your price range.
  7. Perch_44

    Electric Collar

    nothing of what you say makes any sense whatsoever. please, do all of us a favor, and never give training advice again... a collar is used to REINFORCE KNOWN COMMANDS, it is not used to teach basic obedience commands, period. for the OP, pick up a training program such as fowl dawgs, smartworks, total retriever, etc. and follow that program, it will show you when to introduce the collar, and how to properly train your dog for that collar.
  8. Perch_44

    Would Like to Say Thanks...

    it has happened to me a few times.
  9. Perch_44

    spinning reel

    what is your budget?
  10. Perch_44


    i've tried that line a few times, and absolutely hate it. the memory on it is horrible!
  11. Perch_44

    Trolling with a drift sock

    drift control used to sell smaller trolling bags in pairs to use for trolling. you run a rope from one cleat on one side, under the boat, to the other side cleat, and then attach your bags to that rope. it can be a pain to deploy until you get the hang of it, but it will give you awesome boat control.
  12. Perch_44

    Dog Jumps off the Boat - Trainer Recomendations

    Basic Obedience. you need to reinforce obedience with that dog, and thats about it.
  13. Perch_44

    what shock collar?

    there are a few brands out there, but i would stick with Tritronics or Dogtra. just look at their models and see what fits your needs, and budget. do not settle on a cheap innotek or sportdog collar, you need to remember what this collar is doing, and a cheap collar may not work properly, and your dog will reap the results of that. And as for a timeline to teach your dog the e-collar, you need to follow a training program. An e-collar is used to reinforce known commands, it is not used to teach commands. if you haven't already, pick up a training program, and follow that. Stawski Fowl Dawgs, Graham's Smart Works, Mike Lardy's Total Retriever. there are a lot of good options out there what exactly do you want out of this dog? you need to mold around that.