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  1. Brownie77

    Need some advice

    Where are you at? Want ot learn to put up fur?
  2. Brownie77


    I think anyone who bowhunts hunts in a pack of song dogs area. they have huge ranges and may leave areas for weeks. Do not worry about heck if you are in the stand when they come back they may ge the deer moving for you. Last year had one chase a nice doe right to me, she stopped 10 yards away and had no idea I was there till it was too late, she tasted great, LOL.
  3. Brownie77

    Scent Warning

    If it was urine form one deer just use it will be just as good as any. the second urine leaves ANY body it starts to break down good seal or not. The only way to keep it truly fresh would be to freeze it.
  4. Brownie77

    Found some traps

    where are you located? What type of traps?
  5. Brownie77

    Reusing a broadhead

    I use thunderheads, and have had no problems reusing the blades, I just take them off hit them on the paper wheel till I can shave hair adn am done. Did 6 sets, 18 blades, in about 20 minutes.
  6. Brownie77

    Help Me Kill em

    40 lbers are big yotes for MN, and would not be young. Get a trapper in there.
  7. Brownie77

    Question for you trappers.

    Are you starting to trap? Where did you get the castor and what type of animal are you targeting?
  8. Brownie77

    What would do this?

    or a weasel
  9. Brownie77


    anyone know if the bullhead farm in Waterville is still in operation?
  10. Brownie77

    Cold Spring area

    Anyone in the cold spring area want ot get rid of their carp email me at [email protected]
  11. Brownie77

    Mountain lion killed by car near Bemidgi

    You have a better chance of being attacked by a rabid skunk or coon than ever seeing a cougar.
  12. Brownie77

    shooting a sow with cubs

    I agree with l fox, if you are doing every thing legaly, there is no reason for others to bash you.
  13. Is it too late to put one out and get some activity on it? I have a new spot to hunt and want some pics of the deer on the property, and there are very few trails as it is just oak trees and loggin roads.
  14. Brownie77

    Helfrich 550 eliminators

    Any desire to part with one?