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    got a big one..any guess on girth?

    That's a helluva bullhead! I gotta get my sailfish from Mazatlan on here... Paul.
  2. pauljpollock

    got a big one..any guess on girth?

    What a pig! I just giggle every time I see that picture...Looks like she ate a football. Here's another fattie, but not quite THAT fat.
  3. pauljpollock

    got a big one..any guess on girth?

    C'mon Jim...post some of your REALLY big girl. Paul.
  4. pauljpollock

    Do ya fiddle or paint yer own munchies?

    Tommy, You do a helluva job. I've done well on the ones I got from you...some "interesting" colors to say the least. I think you should paint up a couple and call them "The Long Flat Friends Of Jesus In A Chartreuse Minnowbait"! Sheesh, I need to hit the sack...must be getting ready for another fishing season! Paul.
  5. pauljpollock

    Other Fish Caught While Muskie Fishing

    We get some dandy pike while fishin 'skies. Biggest was 47 inches on Vermilion about 12 years ago... Big smallies like smackin' Eagletails and Depth Raiders. Biggest so far...22 inches. I agree with RK on the big walleyes caught muskie fishing. They LOVE night shiner Shallow Raiders on V. I've also spanked some 28 and 29 inch 'eyes on 8 inch Jakes...even one on a Buchertail Mag. My buddy caught a 31 incher on a Top Raider. Most are at night, but the 31 incher was in the middle of the day. Funniest was a bluegill on a bucktail... Well, maybe not. Chico from Detroit managed to hook a duckling on a topwater last summer...by the foot... I told him to reel it in slowly while momma followed, quacking away...Sounded a bit like the commercial! I reached down, picked her up, and popped the hook...off she went back to momma, no harm done! Paul.
  6. pauljpollock

    Sunglasses for a big guy?

    Costas all the way guys! I like the Fathoms with the 400 lenses. Vermilion and Amber CR39, as well as the Tripletail in the Gray CR39. I also have the Blackfin in the 580 Blue Mirror. They cover every light condition from low and flat to bright and sunny! Paul.
  7. pauljpollock

    your favorite/funny muskie fishing experience

    My buddy and I are casting Jakes at an island...it's October, the lake is flippin', and we're enjoying a picture perfect day...He fires off a cast and gets a "professional overrun"... "S--t" He starts trying to straighten out the rat's nest, and I continue my retrieve, get it back in the boat, and ask if he needs a hand..."Nah, I'll get it." A light breeze is rocking the Jake back and forth...Tick...Tick...You can figure out where this is going! All of a sudden the water explodes, and a big fish destroys his bait..."What the h--l??!!" He reaches down, picks up the rod, sets the hook...then drops it back down, grabs the line , and pulls the muskie hand over hand toward the boat... The muskie does absolutely nothing but lazily swim to the boat and sit there...I drop the net in the water, he pulls it in,I scoop her...Then she goes ballistic! After a short episode, the fish calms down, he pops one hook, and we measure her at just over 50... He lifts her out of the water for a quick pic, sets her back in, and off she goes...Don't think that fish had a clue 'til she was in the net...Unreal, when you're lucky...you're lucky! Paul.
  8. pauljpollock


    I started out with 36 lb. Cortland Musky Master... It was fine back then, but I switched to 80 lb. Tuf Line when it came out, and I used it for several years. I never had any problems with it other than the fact it retains water and made for some cold hands in the fall! I switched to 80 pound Power Pro and it's all I've used since. I've never had a break off trolling or casting...One tip though...Don't wear a white tee shirt if you're using newly spooled phantom red! Paul.
  9. pauljpollock

    Abu 7000

    I have a couple of the old 7000 Big Game HS wides with the 5.3 to 1 ratio. After burning through three of them, I finally got a couple that work well. I don't believe you can get these any more. I also have some 7000iHSN Big Games in the 5.3 to 1. I haven't had any problems with this model, but the red 7000i with the 4.1 to 1 ratio has been a nightmare. My experience is that they are a "throw away" reel. The 7000i C3's have been o.k, but if I still love the old 7000 C3's...they just keep going and going They've just cheapened them up over the years... Paul.
  10. 8'6" St.Croix Legend Tournament Series Big Dawg for me! Hey Matt, I'll have to check out your link. I've done a lot of winter laker fishing up there, and I'm dying to try Manitou for some 'skies! Paul.
  11. pauljpollock

    Give me some direction

    The folks here gave you a good rundown on equipment. I'll list a few "must haves" in my box. Full size Eagletail in black/nickel, Double Cowgirl in rainbow/nickel, SilGirl in black-silver/smoke,Llungen Inline in red/chartreuse, Shumway Flasher in brown/copper. Rad Dog, MG, and Cyco Spinners. 8 and 10 inch Jakes in perch and sucker patterns, Jointed Shallowraider in night shiner, Depth Raiders and Ernies in the same patterns, dark and bright colored Top Raiders, Tallywackers, and Pacemakers. Reef Hawgs, Suicks, and Big Dawgs. I can't stress enough the importance of good release equipment. I have a Frabill Big Kahuna Net with a knotless, rubberized basket. It's so big that two labrador retrievers like to lay in it on platform! It's great because it acts as a holding pen for the fish, and the size keeps 'em from going too ballistic. Too many folks will spend thousands on rods, reels, baits, etc, and then skimp on the net. A glorified walleye net isn't the answer! A good pair of Knipex cutters is of paramount importance as well. Make sure you use good quality leaders. I've been seeing a lot of bad leaders lately...I like titanium Terminators for casting, and 48 inch Thorne Rock Crushers for trolling minnowbaits. Paul.
  12. pauljpollock

    8ft rod, or should have I just got the 7 footer?

    I started out with a "pool cue" 6 footer...heavy power, fast action. It worked fine, especially on jerk baits. The problem was, on hook ups, it felt like I was attached to the fish... A walleye on a six footer is one thing, a 'skie is another. I tried 7's and 71/2's and finally settled on an 8 footer as my favorite. The length is great for casting and trolling, and it really shines when fighting a fish. It's also great for circling/figure-eighting, as it saves your back. I'm looking forward to trying out an 8 1/2 footer this season. Paul.
  13. pauljpollock

    trolling line suggestion?

    I used to troll with fast action graphite rods and 50 pound mono. It worked fine, but tying a knot with 50 lb mono in 30 degree weather is a challenge. The "give" was in the line. The rod had a fast load up and little give. Next I switched to mod-fast rods with mono. Between the slower "load up" in the rod, and the stretch of the mono there was too much give. I've settled on medium heavy power 8 footers with moderate fast action and 80 pound superbraid. The slower load up with the no stretch superbraid is the perfect combination. Set the drag tight enough that it takes a hard rip to pull it... If you're trolling rocks and get snagged, you'll be alright, assuming you have good rod holders. The snug drag will result in fewer missed fish. Paul.
  14. pauljpollock

    Another Reel Question

    I've had my share of problems with the 7000 series in recent years. The old 7000 C3 is a great reel, but the new ones....I went through 3 of the 7000 Big Game Wides before I got a couple that worked well. They had a problem with them, and they tried to get the ones with defects off the market....that's what I was told. When they work right they're a great reel. The 5.3/1 gear ratio on the Big Game Wides is nice for burning, but the 6.1/1 on the Saltist blows it out of the water. I like the 4.1/1 on the 7000i's for big minnowbaits or throwing big 10's at night. I've got a couple of the 7000 Big Game narrows and they're good for most baits, but they don't excel on the big blades. You might want to try a Daiwa Saltist in the 40 or 50 model. They retrieve 47 inches of line per crank.....burnin'! I haven't used the Trinidads. I've heard good and bad from guys that have.I've had some clients that like the Calcutta TE'S....I don't use them myself. Paul.
  15. pauljpollock

    New Rod Q

    I love the 8 foot MH Top n Tail for throwing normal size 'tails and spinnerbaits and all topwaters. I've used it for big 10's as well, and it's performed well. That being said, the Sling Blade was designed for the big blades and I like the idea of the extra length. I'll have a couple in my boat this season, but I haven't used them yet. The 8 foot MH Premier also performs well with the big blades. The 7'9" Legend Tournament Lipstick is a great rod for cranks/minnowbaits......very easy to work big lipped minnowbaits through the rocks... Paul.
  16. pauljpollock

    Do you buy into this theory?

    esoxmn, They've been pretty much gone by the portage for a while. Again, about 7 or 8 years ago the cabbage ran all the way from the bay by the portage to the sand beaches on the East end of the bay... Bear Creek is another area that comes to mind. Paul.
  17. pauljpollock

    Do you buy into this theory?

    Jonesen, Honestly, I never fished Van Ruyper last season. I spent most of my time on the West end in Head O' Lakes, Wakemup, Norwegian, and Niles Bays. Interesting to hear though. Paul.
  18. pauljpollock

    New sunglasses, what color lenses should I get

    Try a pair of Costa Del Mars. I like the amber and vermilion lenses. The clarity of the lenses is awesome. They also work great in the winter for sharpening up the contour of the lake and trail. Paul.
  19. pauljpollock

    Do you buy into this theory?

    Rusty crawfish have decimated some beautiful weedbeds on the East end of Vermilion. There was a beautiful cabbage bed that ran from the North side of Pine Island, across from Canfield Portage Bay, straight to the East. In 2001 the weedbed was great...2002, scattered patches....2003, gone. Bystrom Bay used to have great cabbage/coontail as well, but the crawdads ruined that as well. I haven't noticed any major effects of the crawdads on the West end...yet. I make it a point to trap and kill as many as I can every year. Who knows, if all resort and property owners would do the same it might help...I doubt it though. There's just too many of them. They're quite tasty when prepared as Crawfish Gumbo. Paul.
  20. pauljpollock

    How many use butt seats?

    I use mine as a backrest in the highest position. It comes in handy to take the load off the wickets from time to time. The problem is that folks who are new to muskie fishing have a tendency to want to sit on it after fifteen minutes of back breaking casting! I'll give them a friendly reminder that we don't fish muskies sitting down. Paul.
  21. pauljpollock

    Best Muskie Magazine?

    Absolutely not! :-)
  22. pauljpollock

    Best Muskie Magazine?

    Esox Angler without a doubt! Paul.