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  1. Yellowhead

    Workshop Scouting

    The ferns are incredible, perfect composition, perfect crop!
  2. Yellowhead

    Just a few random things

    Like the flower alot!
  3. Yellowhead

    Possible photo contest entries

    landscape #1. Nice soft light and muted colors. Its a picture that invites you to step into it and relaxe. The fall color shot is good but shots like this are a dime a dozen and the judges will see a lot of them, number one is different enough to catch their eye
  4. Yellowhead

    Owls, Eagles and Mink

    Wow, against the dark background the short ear really pops!!
  5. Yellowhead

    Cracked screen, time for a new one?

    OMG an Argus C3 the first 35MM I ever owned. I wish I still had it.
  6. Yellowhead

    Finally dusted the camera off.

    I like them all but #4 is a prize winner!!
  7. Yellowhead

    Dinner :)

    The only thing better then one Beagle would be four Beagles!!!
  8. Yellowhead

    Winter landscapes - opinions requested

    I like the blue one. The sunlight striking the snow provides enough warmth and you don't lose the blues in the water and the ice
  9. Thanks Steve, I checked it out and it look like a good solution.
  10. Yellowhead

    Happy Birthday Mr. Foss....

    Happy birthday Steve. Keep on inspiring us to be as good as you are!!
  11. Yellowhead

    some fall photos

    Really like the sparrow but its the mushrooms that really blew me away. An incredible photo.
  12. Steve, Your idea seems to be the best. My problem is none of my friends have the least interest in photography. Maybe its time I give up the "lone wolf" approach and join a photo club.
  13. I'm in the same boat. I just can't work an up any interest in taking pictures or doing anything about the backup in my workflow. I have a hard time finding anything interesting in the winter. This happens to me off and on and what I found to be helpfull is to look at the work of other photographers that I admire. It gets my juices flowing again.
  14. Yellowhead

    Glaucomys sabrinus

    Great pictures. I wish we has some around here, but I suspect there are not very many in west Bloomington.
  15. Yellowhead

    DOX ratings

    Yes I meant DXO, thanks for the correction. Sometimes brandy seem to interfer with typing.