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  1. NETim

    Hawk INvasion

    They've been in my backyard all winter, watching the bird feeder very closely. Ok, maybe no Redtails, but some kind of hawk.
  2. NETim

    OMG! What a joke

    The thing to remember about corporate taxes is, while these taxes make the Collectivists happy, the retail consumer eventually pays all taxes. I know it's impossible for .gov, but reducing spending could help. I know that's how I manage my household.
  3. NETim

    OMG! What a joke

    I'm sure you're putting your money where your mouth is: Donate to the Treasury
  4. NETim

    Share good music

  5. NETim

    Tournament First

    Even if lightning doesn't kill you, it usually screws a guy up pretty badly. No fish is worth that.
  6. Or you could get a non-resident Florida permit, which ND honors. The FL permit is good in many, many states. (Only thing that would be better is if you were a vehemently anti-gun mayor of SF, like say, Diane Feinstein. Of course, commoners are too inept and stupid to defend themselves with a handgun but DiFi is good to go.) http://www.handgunlaw.us/
  7. Same here but frankly I don't believe it's enough. Fortunately good training isn't hard to come by.
  8. Whatever you do, seek more training. NRA Basic Pistol is a good start. A good defensive handgun class with a good trainer is a must IMHO. Knowing how to shoot is great but knowing WHEN is even more important. It's a massive responsibility. Treat it that way. And my advice goes,for EVERYONE who carries.
  9. NETim

    Did I Over React - Part 2

    Eventually Darwin's going to step in there.
  10. I won't carry a .22 LR because of reliability issues. Rimfire ammo misfires too much IMHO. Good stuff, like CCI mini-mags are generally reliable but I'm happier with CF ammo in general. The carry gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable.
  11. Revos are great BUT it takes some doing to shoot both accurately and quickly with a DA revo, particularly a snubbie. But yes, in competent hands, revos can certainly do the job. That's true of any hardware though, isn't it?
  12. NETim

    Latest three...

    That Jefferson guy, some kind of radical huh? We don't deserve what the FF delivered to us.
  13. NETim

    U2 anyone?

    Got no problem with that as long as it's HIS money he's using or the VOLUNTARY contributions from others. VOLUNTARY funds, not those delivered at the point of the state's guns.
  14. NETim

    'Larger HP motor opinions? Merc, E-Tech, Yammy???

    I love my 225 ProXS. I only have 90 hours on it though. This is the first "big" outboard I've owned so I have no experience with others. I know the e-tecs are quieter than the Optis. The Optis still blow the compressor now n' then. I don't know what the weak link is with the e-tec. I just spent a week on LOTW chasin' muskies and burned a tad over 70 gals of gas. Covered a fair amount of water each day. Don't know if this is good or bad gas consumption for a rig like mine but I'm fairly pleased.
  15. NETim

    bearing help very hot

    You're probably good to go. I did much the same thing and just retensioned the castle nut properly and everything was fine. If your bearings look good cosmetically, odds are good they're fine.