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  1. cat-man

    Aquavu micro

    Anyone get horizontal lines that show up on the screen when the camera is down about 12' or so. Really clear lake, mid day should be plenty of light i don't get it.
  2. cat-man

    phoenix raceway

    Going to the nationwide race, and wondering where a good place in the stands would be.
  3. cat-man

    Have you seen a bear?

    in my yard july 4 in the pooring rain eating the flowers 15ft from the house.
  4. pretty good for me this morning, good numbers of mallards around. ended up two greenheads and a black duck, should have had my limit.
  5. well, this one made it through the gun season. sure has lost the weight.
  6. cat-man

    running electric auger in reverse

    Thats what the slushmasters for.
  7. cat-man

    Digger Auger Carrier

    tool handle dip...... that available?
  8. cat-man

    Wheel House Generator

  9. we did well also this morning, 6 greenwing teal,plus some ringnecks/golden eyes to fill the bag. done before 7
  10. cat-man

    From the stand reports

    Just got back in the stand for the evening hunt. Only seen one before shooting light, hopefully tonight is better pretty WINDY hear though.
  11. cat-man

    Nocturnal deer

    I'm beginning to wonder if my camera even works during daylight hours.
  12. cat-man

    Honda generator

    yep its the carb,get'er cleaned up and will run like new again. had that problem last year.
  13. I've used winchester supreme 3.5 for years recoil don't bother me, still kicks though. heard that hypersonic kicks like a mule too.
  14. cat-man


    I second the skewers, very good. Even the wife liked it.