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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. After replacing the relays I followed the flow from RebelISS and that ultimately determined that the trim motor is indeed bad. In process of replacing it so thank you all for your great input!!
  2. No trim buttons on the outboard motor, only on the throttle on the boat console
  3. PK3 - thanks for the tip. I replaced the two relays with new ones but same result - when I hit the trim up or trim down button, each respective relay clicks but no lifting or lowering occurs. I also checked for fuses- there's one on the engine which is in good shape. Is there a fuse or breaker on the trim motor? Would be surprised that the trim motor is bad given few hours on the motor but I'm not a great motor mind. Thanks.
  4. I have a mid 90s Force 70 HP outboard that's not been used in two years on a pontoon boat. While getting the boat cleaned out, etc. I've been able to turn the motor over/start it however the motor is in the up position and when I attempt to use the up/down buttons on the throttle to lower the engine, the up/down motor doesn't lower the engine. I do hear a slight 'click' when I hit the "lower" button however that's it. Any suggestions on getting the motor to lower? Thanks.
  5. Any tips on getting odor / smell out of previously worn helmets, particularly in the facial/breathing area?? Thanks!!
  6. Apologize if this has been covered before, but caught three 15" walleyes last night on Lake Minnetonka. While filleting them I noticed there were little black specs/look like small worms, each perhaps a 32nd to a 16th of an inch long - embedded in the fillets. There were maybe 3-5 in each fillet. Are the fillets ok to eat? Any idea what these specs are? Thanks for any input.
  7. I recently bought a 1993 Yarcraft 1781BT tiller boat with a 2006 Merc 60HP 4-stroke EFI and a 29 gallon internal gas tank. The motor will start fine and run fine at half to full throttle, but if I start trolling at idle speed, after several minutes the engine will start to starve for fuel. The gas bulb will be void of gas, I'll try to pump it several times, but the motor will eventually kill. The only way to work around this is to take the gas cap completely off (located on the bow), then the engine will work fine. I checked out the vent hose located in the back of the boat and it seems fine. Any thoughts on how to rectify this venting issue? Thanks in advance.
  8. Ray, Up until the last 5-7 years I would've agreed with you 100% on the fantastic diver shoooting around The Pas. I've been hunting the waters around The Pas since 1983 and my experience the past decade is the bird numbers just aren't anywhere near what they used to be. It's gotten to the point for our group that it's not worth the drive to see a quiet sky void of 'bills, cans or redheads. In fact, the memories of unbelievable shoots is what had been bringing me back the past decade. But reality has set in for me and we've not gone the past couple years. But my oh my were there some shoots in the '80s and '90s!!! Maybe the migration moved west or birds fly south later (we typically went in mid-to-late September) but from my 25+years experience, it ain't anywhere near what it used to be.
  9. Just to clarify - we are looking to come up the weekend of Oct. 3rd. Thanks for the quick replies.
  10. Our party of 4 duck hunters have been going to northern Canada for the past 20+ years but for a number of reasons won't be going this year. We have a tip from a friend who hunts the greater Devils Lake area and recommends it. Here's the deal though: he hunts with a party that own 700+ acres of private land that our party of 4 will not most likely have access to. His comment though was 'there are plenty of public areas to hunt'. My question to the forum is: given none of the four of us have been to the area, is it worth it in your opinion for us to head up with no private land access and no perspective on the public land/water hunting areas? We do like to fish walleyes too, which is one of the appeals to this area. We have 2 hotel rooms reserved but I am questioning if it is worthwhile to go up for 5 days if none of us have prior experience with the area. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  11. Looking to take a 3-4 day weekend trip during the first two weeks of October for fall MN walleyes. What area and/or lakes and nearby resorts top your list for that time of year? We prefer jigging and lindying. Thanks in advance for your input!!!
  12. For my dad's 65th birthday this year, the sons and son-in-laws want to find a good long weekend lake/resort to take him for some good walleye action with some bonus smallmouth bass if possible. Normally we head to Rainy for a houseboat trip but can't this year. Where would you recommend heading? We'd like to focus on jigging/lindying and avoid downrigging or open water trolling. Thanks for your input.
  13. I have a 12 ga Mossberg pump and will be using Winchester 3" #5 hevi-shot; I've heard conflicting reports on if I can use a turkey choke with this ammo (much along the lines that you can't use full choke with steel); Can anyone clarify if turkey choke's are ok with hevi-shot, or is full as strong as one can go with these loads. Thanks much
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