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  1. Anyone know if I can get some locally without ordering? I should've thought about this earlier in the week instead of at my work desk!
  2. I was wondering how you folks with the popup light up your house? I'm thinking of getting some LED bulbs and running it on a vexilar battery, but I wanted to see what some of you folks do.
  3. Matt, I Just got those in too. My Sled is now decked out with decals
  4. Got them yesterday! Thanks for the stickers. They are now plastered all over my sled and my buckets! Thanks again!
  5. Dark Cloud did you tape the line and then spool or did you just knot it and then spooled it? Wondering if there's any slip if I did the latter?
  6. Joined last Friday.. how long does it take to get our stickers? I'm ready to slap it on my sled!
  7. I got there Friday at around 1:15 and around 1:45 that thing was packed shoulder to shoulder already. I made a few purchases, but really I had a hard time looking at items because there were so many folks there. Plus I totally missed out on the HSO booths.. well the whole 2nd level entirely! They should've put up some signs or something!
  8. Picked up the last BB6061 at Joe's this morning. Mounted it on my Fenwick Icetech and it feels great!
  9. This year was a very quiet year.. Not alot of gun shots at all. I didn't see anything all weekend. Just wondering how you guys did if you hunt up there?
  10. What's a good trail cam? My Stealthcam I bought a few years ago is garbage..
  11. -Clam Base Camp Thermal or old school Trap II -Vexilar FL-22HD, Vexilar FL8-SLT, and Vexilar FL-8 original -Jiffy Model 30 8" -iPhone 4S with Navionics Lake Maps -Assortment of fishing poles (Northland, South Bend, St. Croix) -Bunch of panfish jigs and jigheads and walleye jigs and jigheads -Vexilar Ice Fishing Suit -Big Buddy Heater -Coleman Rechargable Lantern -2011 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 Long Bed to haul it all in!
  12. Guys, I have it at about 8-9 o'clock..
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