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  1. I have tried the bitter apple stuff in the past. He seemed to lick that too. I am thinking of changing his food to see if that helps from an allergy standpoint. Haven't thought about fleas. He is an outdoor only dog. He is real close to being due for his annual check up so I will have to see what the vet has to say. Thanks for the responses.
  2. I have an 11 year old GSP. Over the years, when bored in the winter months, he seems to open up wounds on his lower legs/feet by excessive licking. When summer rolls around, they seem to fade away for the most part. This year seems to be worse than usual. I have tried everything to get him to stop, but nothing seems to work. Looks painful and I am worried about infections. Any one else have this problem? Anything worked to get them to stop licking?? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Thanks Joe. Do I just have to check the link every day to see when the backorder note gets taken off the web page?
  4. Does anyone answer emails to the Outdoor Prostore? I sent one over a week ago and resent it a few days later and still have not received any response. I wanted to know if they were ever going to get the 48" FireBrites back in stock and if so, when. Sure would like a response.
  5. Hey Travis, I found your full name on a different post. I also found the name of another guy who had the problem on the other Walleye site. Hopefully, that will be enough info for Sharon so that she fix's my unit properly. Sorry to bother you.
  6. TravP, I have the 788ci HD DI combo and have the same speed issue that you talked about. GPS reading speeds at several mph even when sitting in the drive way. You said they sent you an external antenna to fix this problem. Did you have to pay for this? They are giving me the run around and even after sending the unit in to them they will not send me an antenna. Can you tell me who you talked with or could you be kind enough to give me your name so I can reference your issue with them to help me fix my problem? I really need some help here. If you want you can email me directly at tjgoertzen at hotmail. Thanks for your help.
  7. Eagle - Thanks a lot. They will help a lot when I look at repositioning mine to the other side. I do not see a lot of difference in the way mine is mounted now, just that it is not on the suggested side of the motor. I really appreciate you taking the time.
  8. Truth - thanks for the link. I had looked there earlier. No luck. Eagle_3464 - thanks for your info. I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and move it to the other side as recommended and see what happens. Guess I will just mount another plate on that side and leave the current one there in case I ever need to put a different one back on this side. Thaks again.
  9. Fishwater - my unit is not an SI unit. Sonar, down imaging and GPS, but no SI. My boat tops out at about 26mph, so I think I should be able to get good readings. Just need to find the right location I guess.
  10. To stop the back and forth, I have a 1992 Alumacraft Dominator, with a 1993 40hp Yamaha 2 stroke. I doubt it is nicer than either of yours!! . In any case, I looked for all the different structures, rivets, etc. before mounting it. I am between two rivet lines so that should not be an issue. When on plane, I can see the ducer skimming across the top of the water, maybe slightly into the water. I have lowered it a bit already, so if it was in too far to start, it is in farther now. As mentioned before, the manual does say that the direction the prop turns will affect which side to mount the ducer on and mine should be opposite of what it is. The prop may be causing the cavatation you talk about. I have used that BBC HSOforum before. Unfortunately, the only pictures they have of mounted transducers are on boats where their trolling motors are worth more than my entire boat Not that it matters since they are different units, but the ducer is mounted in almost the identical spot my Lowrance was mounted . That unit never had any issues at higher speeds. Continued thanks.
  11. I have mine mounted on the port (left) side of my motor. According to some info I have found, with the way my prop turns, it should techinically be on the starboard (right) side of the motor. That is really the only info I have found that tells me anything. I was hoping to get it working where it is at so I do not have to mount another board on the starboard side and play around with moving it over there, but I guess I may have to. Thanks for the info so far.
  12. I have the above mentioned unit and am having troubles with my depth readings at high speeds. I would really like to see how others have their transducer mounted to compare it to mine. If anyone would be willing to share a picture/s of what their mounted transducer looks like I would greatly appreciate it. I have asked several people to look at mine and they all feel it looks like it is mounted correctly. I have lowered it once already adn that did not seem to help. The only thing I can think of is that it is getting prop wash and I may need to mount it on the other side of the motor so as the prop rotation will not affect it as much. Any pictures and or suggestions would be great.
  13. gerty


    dairyman - I had problems with my new bird. Getting erratic readings when I was in shallow water. One tip that I got that seemed to work was to make sure your max depth setting is only set maybe double or triple of what depth you are actually in. I think the factory setting is 500 ft or some huge number. I guess the unit does not have to take as many readings this way and not check depths all the way down to that 500 ft depth. I am sorry if I did not explain this very well, but it worked for me. I have had no problems since making this change. I got the answer from another web site that has a specific forum for humminbird related questions. I did not get any straight answers when checking with humminbird directly. Just the "check your ducer", etc. standard response. Truth - not saying that it won't help to check, but it wasn't the reason for my readings being bad.
  14. Yeah, I have the rubber grommet in mine also. I will try some things, but probably won't be out until this weekend to see if anything works. Thanks for the suggestions.
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