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    pink squirrel

    I like to use a # 16 nymph hook with a gold tungsten bead. Tie in two strands of krystal flash as the tail, dub in squirrel belly fur for the body and fine gold wire for the ribs. Before finishing, tie in one and a half turns of pink chenille right behind the bead. I've had a lot of success fishing this pattern early season and think it's one of the more effective flies in my arsenal. Simple and quick to tie. I think the pink chenille imitates a scud or works as a general imitation. Not to be substituted entirely for a good scud, but it's highly visible in stained early-season water. Picked up a couple small brookies last night on it as the sun was getting low. Original midwestern pattern too. And it tastes pretty good at the bar Good luck!
  2. Flip's time was up. This year he used about 30 different starting lineups--I know injuries were part of this--but Hassell's a starter and Wally does great against an opponent's second string. None of the players were buying into his plan, and most of the blame's not on Flip but regardless, when that happens in the NBA you've got to make changes. I liked what he did a lot, those back to back 50 win seasons were great and last year was really memorable, but seven playoff series without advancing? A couple weeks ago against the Celtics, Kandy was actually having a good game (stop the presses, a low block 5 spot contributing in a Wolves uniform) and Flip proceeded to bench him for the entire fourth quarter. Another Wolves loss. This is probably heretical to most fans, but I really question McHale as a GM. Outside of drafting KG, name your favorite McHale contribution to this franchise. How about Felton Spencer? Luc Longley? Donyell Marshall? Trading for Marbury at draft day? William Avery? And now this guy's going to coach? What a buzzkill. I couldn't watch them enough last year and this year I can't wait for the season to be over. Between Kandi (who got outjumped for a jump ball against a 6'2" guard a couple weeks ago), Spree and Hudson, we've got a guy named Anthony Carter playing behind Hud at the 1 spot. Anthony Carter? John Thomas is the latest to join the reputable 10-day signees that caught fire for this team, among established past players Derrick Martin, Goldwire (Goldbird? Goldfinger? I can't remember). Flip never had a talented team except last year's flash in a pan. And they lost to an inferior Lakers squad. A dismantling is needed before KG demands to be traded.
  3. Good point. The historical legacy of the Bears is real pertinent to our discussion. Spam's been around a long time too and it still sucks. How old are you? Some little pup trying to "make it" in UrineTown? First the Second City stinks up Lake Michigan and now the Second City has spread its debilitating smog to the NFL. I'd just like to know how or why anyone in your organization thought the trio of Chad Hutchinson, Craig Krenzel and Rex Grossman could go anything BUT 5-11. Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler (Crystal Chandelier) went 7-9 last season and after the rebuilding process, the Maidens of the Midway went 5-11. That's progress, Chicago smog style. Here's an idea: try rebuilding with a quarterback who can provide a better rating than the team-high 73.6 that Chad Hutchinson put up for you, than you can talk trash to a native Minnesotan about football on a Minnesota HSOforum from your favorite gutterhole in Illinois. I love ripping on fans of terrible teams.
  4. windy city, you say that the Bears have both the Vikings and Packers beat. How so? If by "beat" you actually mean the Bears are an embarrasment to the NFL, then I totally agree.
  5. buzzsaw, that's the greatest picture ever. What I like the most about it is not only does it represent everything a franchise stands for, it also stands as a literal metaphor for an entire city. Proud of the Honolulu Blue, I guess. What an enlightening thread. I've learned that talking about professional football with a Lions fan is like reasoning with an immature three year old toddler throwing a hissy fit. Time for nighty night, BackHerUp. The playoffs are here. No, no, don't cry like that. You're a big boy, not a little girl. I know, I know. You're right. The Detroit Lions will be a good team someday. And yes, unicorns and leprechauns are real. And so are the Tigers chances of fielding a good team. Now go nighty night. The playoffs are here. Sweet dreams little man.
  6. Ahhh...never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Blow up dolls? Vaseline? I like the spirit of your reply, don't let the facts get in the way of an argument. Just degenerate the conversation into the topic of perverse sexuality. You must have quite a warped and perverted imagination, to say the least. Please keep your maligned fantasies away from this forum (I think there's help for you out there). This happened on this board once before, when I was criticizing a baseball player's poor statistical performance and a poster resorted to the ol' switch-and-bait tactic of sexual insult. Oh well, if you want to have an argument that features all the sophistication of a seventh grader's canon of expressive intelligence, please expound on the blow up doll line of thought. Good stuff dude. Meanwhile you can back up your arguments with references to the Lions and Tigers. Two teams that even in your delusional state of mind are only capable of playing .500 ball, which is quite a stretch to say the least. Don't take this stuff to heart. Looks like you've got a great and beautiful family. Have a most enjoyable holiday season, stay warm, stay safe, and have a merry Christmas. I'm going to spend Friday afternoon with my fingers crossed that the Purple delivers another NFC North Championship. With Burke and Winfield on the field, I like our chances. BTW Huskiesplayer15, that song is the greatest ever.
  7. Hey BackHerUp, It's not me that's "got you laughing." You've confused me for the brown paper bag full of ethanol you keep sniffing. Whenever I picture your delusional football watching enjoyment, I envision you huffing cheap whipits, adorned in a sky blue Andre Ware jersey while sitting next to a Matt Millon bobblehead doll. You can drop the still pictures already. We all know what losers on TV look like, we've been watching Daunte Culpepper go undefeated against them since he began playing for the Vikings. Something like 8-0 against the Little Kitties That Could. Instead of talking about the Purple's playoff losses why don't you address the fact that the last time your team made it out of the first round was 1991. That's thirteen years ago by the way. Just to help your math, because your team's been lousy for a lot more than six years. If I've struck a nerve I'm just joking around with you. So put down the kleenex and pick up your brown paper bag and get in the spirit of the NFL playoff season. Oh wait, I forgot. You cheer for the Lions. Well at least when you're done huffing the fumes out of the paper bag you can cut eyeholes in it and wear it over your head. Or watch basketball.
  8. It's so nice having DeToilet in the NFC North. Playing the Lions twice a year is like an extra two byes every year. I'm so glad Matt Millon is heading up the Honolulu Blue for the Motown Citty kitties. Meow meow. Ooooh I really respect your intelligence and managerial skills Mr. Millon. Another thing I love about Detroit, besides their masculine uniforms and brainchild executive, is the efficiency that Harrington has with throwing interceptions. Whether they're lobs or (the more traditional style for Detroit turnovers) the ever-popular end over end ducks, Harrington really has a talent for single-handedly losing games. He might be more legendary in this regard than Charlie Batch but time will tell. Maybe he can salvage his career by donning those batting gloves that Charlie Batch wore with so much pride. Whenever I think about the enduring legacy of the Detroit Lions I envision Wayne Fontes, Bobby Ross, Scotty Mitchell and Charlie Batch whooping it up in a trailer park on 8 Mile, drinking Thunderbird wine and talking about the glory years when the Motor City kitties won 6 games nearly every year and struck fear in the hearts of their opponents vying for that first round draft pick. What a team, what a franchise, what a city. As a Vikings fan, I salute everything the Detroit Lions have done.
  9. Let me get this straight. ONE field goal in the second halfs of the last two weeks? ZERO touchdowns? Hold this Ignorant Ogre accountable and get him out of Winter Park. Talk about a Shrek. Take his offensive coordinator with him. I don't care if Red's not going to pay any money for a coach, he's paying this hunchback waaaay too much. Even Les Steckle would have changed that pass play call. While I'm savaging the offense, let's not forget that our defense's leading tackler is a defensive back. Not a linebacker. Not even a weak safety. But a defensive back? Who's making the schemes up? Play some man to man already Teddy. Instead of the same schemes you've been using since 2001. Try to find a linebacker while you're at it. This Claiborne is hurt more often than Kliensasser and Dontarrious Thomas is out of place more often than Mark Chmura at a pool party. What a joke. Firing Mike Tice TODAY would be a day too late.
  10. wade22

    shed a tear

    Tom admit it you've just got a hate woody for A.J. Tiffee sank lower on their list of up and comings for one reason or another. No idea why but hopefully they can re-explore a potential future with him at the hot corner now that Koskie's gone. Love him or hate him, Koskie was a player that needed to string together consistent at bats to be any good and he was too injury prone to string those together with any duration. He's better off in Canada. I want to see Cuddyer as a patch at third, Bartlett at short and Rivas at second. Maybe Tiffee after the all-star break can get some pt back at third. I'm glad to see Radke back on the roster. Now if Mays can come back with any semblance of his potential/salary we'll be pretty scary. Look for Morneau/Mauer/Ford/Stew to rip up the plate. That's a lineup to compete with the big boys. Enough of this Mienty/Guzman/Koskie stuff.
  11. During the collapse of the Motor City Kitties Sunday, I asked myself the question, "Just how pathetic are the Detroit Lions?" Let's see....so many bad things to focus on. The GM, Matt Millon, may be the biggest bonehead in any position in the NFL, ever. The Olandis Garry experiment went about as successfully as the Scotty Mitchell one. I bet Mooch realizes by now that Joey Harrington ain't no Joey Montana. Have you seen a worse quarterback in the NFC North since Charlie Ward? Great pick, Lions, great pick. Watching Harrington throw 8 yards short on a 9 yard pass to the flats is what his talent is all about. Beyond all these factors, however, is the overall picture. The Detroit Lions are so pathetic they drove the only player they EVER had into early retirement rather than rack up the most numbers by any running back ever. Can't blame Barry Sanders though. If you had to wear a blue lion on your helmet you'd feel pretty ridiculous too.
  12. wade22

    Worst anouncer ever

    Madden is terrible. He was actually worse when he was with Summerall. Never minded Dennis Miller all that much. My all-time least favorite is Dan Dierdorf. He treats football as if it's a religious metaphor for America, instead of a just a game. That gets so annoying. I remember one time that self-indulgent team of Michaels, Dierdorf and Gifford explained a ONE-YARD touchdown run as "The simplest of plays executed to perfection." How obnoxious.
  13. The reason JJ didn't make a strong throw was the fact that the ball was a line shot. This makes all the difference, as previously pointed out. At first I questioned the throw, but on the replay it was knuckling too. Hard to set up for a throw when you have to take care of a line out. Let's not get carried away here. Even on a terrific throw after a LINE DRIVE, you still rely on your cutoff man. When the baserunner is named Derek Jeter, you are NOT going to get that out. End of the story. My biggest reservation with last night's tilt was the move to put Rivas in as runner in the top of 8. Gardy in effect took his biggest bat (JM) out of the lineup in a game that wasn't even tied. You could tell he was exasperated in the dugout after Koskie's line shot bounced out for the ground rule double. He was playing for the win in that inning. Gutsy move, but I bet he wishes he'd have that one back. Like I said, it would have been different had the score been tied, but we needed Rivas to score as the go-ahead run. Flooky bounce or the Twins would have won.
  14. Ahhh, but you see the difference here, geenie wad, is that this is the Twins. A franchise built and maintained by winners. Not the Cubs, a franchise built and maintained by losers. I realize this may be a difficult distinction to recognize, but a fundamental one nonetheless. Write it down if you want to: Twins = Winners. Cubs = Losers. It was nice last year to see the Marlins knock out the SlumTown Flubbies. I mean, a franchise that had been around so long really deserved their second title in about a decade. That's ten long years of hard work and dedication. Their fans deserved another pennant.
  15. wade22

    End of season?

    For me, the season started off really hot, tapered off in midsummer, and never really picked up again. I was hoping for a hot bite to pick up these past few weeks, but the weather's been too goofy--hot days in late afternoon, cold mornings, cold spells, hot spells, etc. At least that's my story Had a great time fishing last night with an older guy I met on the river. After dark, when I got back to my car I found about a dozen dries he left for me. Just want to say thanks if he's reading this. Here's to another season on the books. Can't wait until the winter season.
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