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  1. I had my 8x12 on 5 1/2 inches last weekend pulled it out with the ATV.
  2. Understatement of the day. Way off the ice and no head room to boot. Give me a ATV w/ tracks and a Northlander ATT any day.
  3. I would recomend posting this in the Ottertail forum, there has been lots of talk over the years about some very bad people in the area, and there is one shop thats name seems to come up quite a bit that is very good, but I don't know it. Sorry I guess my point is make sure to do your home work don't want your wife to get [PoorWordUsage] off.
  4. I just buy 30lb tip up line its cheep, then I just tie a 3 foot mono leader on , I would like to try that coated fly line this year just to try to avoid tangles when I have rookies in my fish house.
  5. I know they really took the fun out of it this year!!!!!!!!
  6. Most of them all cater to wheel houses, you pay for a road pass just like Red, I prefer to go out of Morris point very close fishing so you don't have a long way to go I have a very big house and pull it with a 4 wheeler as soon as they let houses out same with Zipple bay but you have a little farther to go seeing you have to cross a river ( or bay what ever you want to call it) and then a sand dune to get to the fishing and they all plow roads , but Zipple and Morris point are the only two I have gone out of.
  7. Wow You must be fishing in the wrong spots on Lake of the woods, Granted you will catch a lot of dinks, I had times last year that my family and I would have our limits in about 2 hours all nice keepers and a couple of 13 inch perch. I had one morning that I actully had to pull up my lines so I could calm down and have a smoke, HAHAHA Thats fishing. O the ice can't get here soon enough.
  8. I guess If I were driveing all that way, I would rent a sleeper on Red for the night bite and sleeping and Bring a portable and hit Lake of the woods during the day.
  9. I love my Ice castle I have had it for 5 or 6 years now and never had a problem with it, except a little surface rust but thats becasue am up and down the road in the winter with it to LOW, I bought a shell and did the inside my self, because I don't like how any of them do the inside I like it wide open with full size beds, Its a 8x27 with the 4 foot v nose. Now If money were no object I would go with the lodge, But like I said if money was no object. You get what you pay for and Lodges are Very Expensive so they better be top notch.
  10. Otter Tail Country for me!!!!!!!!!
  11. All I know is it can't come soon enough, its starting to effect my sleep at night.
  12. Dug my boat out and now its in the garage defrosting. Getting it ready for pool 4 next weekend if the weather is going to Cooperate , But the old lady wasn't to happy to lose her garage parking spot for the boat. O well she'll get over it
  13. What I have always used is a crome daredevil and take the the hook off it and tie a piece of mono about a foot long and tie a ice fly on to that with a small minnow or wax worm. Thats what I have had my best luck with. And jig the hell out of it tell they come in.Depth I have had my best luck on sharp deep breaks and they come in at 1 to 10 feet below the ice. Hope this helps
  14. When I built mine, I coverd my Copper pipe with PCV pipe so it wouldn't get damaged or crushed going down the road, and then ran rubber up from under the floor to the heater and ran rubber from the front of the house to the tanks.
  15. Buy a V Plow for your truck then you don't have to worry about getting stuck.
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