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  1. Fishin Dan

    .270 or 30.06 ???

    I will agree with the last two guys. The 270 WSM is an awesome gun. Never had a single problem with it. And the power and distance it has is amazing. Never had a deer run more then 20 yards since i got this gun. Only bad thing i could think of about the 270 WSM is as NoWiser said that the rounds are very expensive.
  2. Fishin Dan

    lake harriet

    Its not a great sampling, i admit that. But considering that 95=% of the fish that i have seen caught swam away perfectly fine, i think thats not all that bad. It could be better, it always could be better, but things happen sometimes. And always will! And as far as the whole they have the right to fish/catch/keep or whatever with muskies. Im not saying i agree with single hook fishing, keeping fish, or anything like that. Im just saying that there is nothing wrong with it. They just need a little help. And since your so passionate about this subject why dont you stop down there and talk to the guys that fish there? Give them some of your advice and maybe it will change some things. Cant complain about people if your not trying to help the problem. Im not trying to start one of these stupid internet fight about this. I just think people give sucker fisherman a hard time, but few seem to be even trying to fix the problem. Just another thing for people to FemaleDog about.
  3. Fishin Dan

    lake harriet

    So what is the big deal on the sucker fishing? Ill admit it, i do it. I cant afford to drop the money on all of the musky lures and so forth being a college student. So does that mean i shouldnt fish for them? I fish both lakes regularly and over the entire summer i saw 1 musky that got throat hooked. Did it die? Probably and its sad to see. But how do you know those floaters you see are from sucker fisherman? Couldnt they just have well have been casting and kept the fish out of the water way to long? I do use QS rigs and have given quite a few of others i have had to people using single hooks. But if they want to fish with single hooks so be it. They have just as much right to the fish out there as anyone else. They just may need a little bit of guidance to get them on the right track.
  4. Any spots still open? Me and my cousin were thinking about coming up if anyone has a couple open seats?
  5. Fishin Dan


    Definitly a great episode! Sad to see my favorite show is done. But like you said the reruns are atill great!
  6. Fishin Dan

    Top Tiger Muskie Lakes?

    Weaver gets to be a real zoo with skiers and tubers so if your going to hit it, hit it early. I prefer either Orchard if im using the boat or Calhoun if im just running down to the lake real quick. I had great success last year on both just throwing large spinner baits.
  7. Fishin Dan

    License question

    Sweet thanks guys!
  8. Fishin Dan

    License question

    So i was looking at my 08 license and it says that it expires Feb 28 but a little lower it says that it is effective 3-1-08 through 4-30-09. So which one is correct? I know it has usually been Feb 28 but my neighbor said that it is a new regulation? Not so sure about it so i thought i would ask.
  9. Fishin Dan

    Can anyone help?

    Im in the middle of trying to winterize my boat and i cant get my motor to turn over. All i can get is a loud click everytime i turn the key. Everything is hooked up and the battery is charged. I cant figure out whats wrong! Can anyone help?
  10. Fishin Dan

    Cigarettes or chew?

    All 5 deer i have shot in the last 3 years have come either while smoking a cigarette or within 5 minutes of putting one out.