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  1. Fishing was a little slow today. It was 10 below zero in morning with a some wind. Didn't move around a whole lot. Ended up with a mix of walleyes and crapppies. Lake has a fair amount of snow. Found some slush nothing to bad. Around 15 inches of ice.
  2. Early morning and evening we usually fish reefs 15 to 19 feet keep moving. I'm at morson right now off a point 22 feet and doing ok. Mainly out checking ice and finding about 14 inches.
  3. I checked ice on November 24. I went from my cabin across to Dawson i found 8 inches of ice. Might be headed to morson in the morning to do some fishing.
  4. I was up to morson over the weekend . The weather was great. Made a run up to whitefishbay for trout on Saturday didn't get any. Also made a trip into arrow lake and got some walleyes
  5. Yes there was a lot of snow . I found this slush along side sunset chanel.
  6. It was 31 below zero when i found this slush .This is only time I got stuck it was about 2 feet of slush . I had to jack it out of the water and let it sit for a day half. I had to hook 3 widetracks together to get it out.
  7. I have a 6x12 alumalite with a v front. I pull it all over the north end of lake of the woods. I buy a new polaris widetrak every winter to pull my alumalite . I'm going on 4 years with it and it has been awesome. A smaller 5x7 could be pulled by indy trail touring . I pull mine 20 miles one way all the time . I had never been stuck pulling it with a widetrak until last weekend. I drove into some major slush. It took 2 days to get it out.
  8. I went back the next day hoping the slush froze. No such luck i guess water wont freeze at 31 below zero. Sunday i tried moving my fishouse. I kept breaking threw the slush. We hooked 3 widetracks together to my fishouse and still had to jerk the heck out of it to get it out. I did get a few crappies Saturday afternoon. We picked up 26 crappies.
  9. Finally made it to morson over the weekend. Fishing didn't go as planned it was extremely cold on Saturday. Ended up with a epic stuck Saturday morning it was 31 below zero when i found some major water . I was pulling my alumalite fishouse on the way to go crappie fishing I had to jack fishouse out of the water and set it on blocks. I then packed the slush down with my widetrak i even used my trail groomer to pack it down. I let it sit tell Sunday afternoon to freeze down.
  10. The 600 and 800 polaris widetraks have a radiator and a fan they will run with no snow without over heating.
  11. The snowmobile is a 2018 550 lx widetrak it has high and low range. I get new widetraks every winter. I have been running 600 widetraks in the past. This is my first fan cooled snowmobile . I was worried about the power but it pulls my alumalite easily.
  12. Just got this sled a week ago. I think its going to be a great ice fishing sled.
  13. This was over by juinper shores I'm not sure you could go anywhere. I was over to brule , fox islands and pork point. I found 9 to 11 inches of ice . The biggest issue is cracks with big temperature swings it seems to open them up. I'm not encouraging anbody to head out onto the ice. I may be headed back up to morson this weekend.
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