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  1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles "Surely you can't be serious." "I am serious and don't call me Shirley."
  2. "I'd kiss you but I've got puke breath" From Strange Brew. Funny movie especially when wearing beer goggles. How 'bout this one: "They had to replace the metal plate in my head with a plastic one cuz every time Katherine fired up the microwave I'd [PoorWordUsage] my pants and forget where I was for a half hour or so."
  3. "Remember that metal plate in my head? They had to replace it with a plastic one 'cuz everytime Katherine would fire up the microwave I'd [PoorWordUsage] my pants and forget who I was for half hour or so."
  4. I'm a lifelong Vikes fan, but the last couple years I have really started to lose interest. I don't know if I'm just getting old and curmudgeonly or if the on and off field problems have just caused me to find better things to do than worry about them. That being said, I think they need to make a splash...not necessarily to get Calvin Johnson, which I don't think they'll be able to do, but get a couple of players people know about and can get excited about. I don't think I'm alone in experiencing waning interest in this team. I think they need to do something to give fans hope or a reason to get excited. Pick an Adrian Peterson and then grab one of the other top receivers, one of whom should be around in round 2. I know AP is a bit injured, but he wouldn't be counted on to carry the load yet this year. Pick him, let him heal and learn the pro game. Quinn will likely be gone, Russell, too. WHoever they pick, I hope it's someone that gives us a little reason for excitement.
  5. Nicely done! I've always said I'd rather be lucky than good. Looks to me like you are both. Nice bird.
  6. So how fast do turkey beards grow? I shot what turned out to be a jake with a 5" beard. Since he never displayed, I couldn't tell from the tail feathers that he was a young bird. I had other jakes with puny beards by me, but thought perhaps since this one had a longer beard that he was a "tweener." At what age do they cross the line from being a jake, and about how long will the beard be when they do?
  7. marbleeye2


    It's not about names, it's not about schemes, it's about talent. Where besides a couple of the defensive positions do the Vikes have top tier talent? Add to that a very predictable and unimaginative offensive scheme and we're looking at another forgettable year. I'd love to be wrong, but so far nothing has happened with this team to offer me hope to the contrary.
  8. I had a jake and two hen decoys set out, he had a hen and a gobbler in a sort of half strut. Actually, his hen had even tipped over and was lying on the ground when the tom came to it. I would have thought that the sight of a jake with two hens would have aroused some fight in what certainly turned out to be a more dominant bird. He looked at them, but didn't really seem to react. Other birds did, but not him.
  9. My buddy and I had set up on the edge of a field surrounded by ravines. He was about 300 yards away from me. About 5:45 the gobbling started in the woods below. About 15 minutes after the gobbling started, a tom flew out of the woods and landed about 20 yards beyond the decoys. He strutted briefly, but wouldn't come closer despite my calls. He walked across the field to where my buddy was setup. A couple minutes after legal light his hunt was over as he dropped the hammer on a 21 pound bird with a 10" beard and 1" spurs. About 7:15 a jake and a hen came across the field toward the decoys but stayed out of range. I scratched the call a few times to draw him in, but he never offered a shot. He didn't have much for a visible beard, so I wasn't too disappointed but was starting to think that I had perhaps blown my chance for the day. Fortunately for me, a bigger bird that I hadn't seen was working his way toward the decoys from the ravine below. He popped out about 15 yards away. His head was bright red and I could see a better beard on this one, so I decided to take him if I got the chance. He worked towards the decoys and then ended up on the receiving end of a load of #5's at about 25 yards. I was pretty pumped. It's my first bird, and although it's not huge, it was pretty memorable, especially after 2 previous years with no success. I think I'm pretty well hooked. It was a beautiful morning, I saw at least 8 other birds, mostly hens, a bunch of deer, ducks and other critters. It was a great day to be out there. I may even go out tomorrow with a camera, just for fun. I think next year, if I'm fortunate enough to get drawn, I'll go with a bow. If I'm not drawn, I may just have to buy the bow license for late season anyway.
  10. I shot my first bird ever yesterday...a 17 pound bird with a 5 inch beard. He didn't have much for spurs, so was this likely a jake?
  11. Mountain (Mississippi Queen) Diesel Kingdom Come Gotta second the Kings nod, too...Switchin' to Glide and This Beat Goes On are excellent party tunes.
  12. I've got a 15 year old who is into rock big time...it's fun to see him get jazzed by listening to Rush, Zepellin, AC/DC. So many tunes, so little time. Gotta put a plug in for the Scorpions, too. Audioslave, P.O.D., Foo Fighters...none of these rank up there with Zepellin or Rush, but they're pretty good.
  13. I have the Innotek Contain and Train system for my 10 month old lab. She's been trained on it for several months now and has gotten 'tickled' a few times...she's to the point where she won't go near the boundary even when she's not wearing the collar. They do learn the boundary fairly quickly if you work with them. I like the Innotek system. You can adjust how close to the line they can get before they're warned. I also like this system because it comes with a remote so the collar can be used as her hunting collar, too. It was about $200 and well worth it.
  14. In 142 games and over 1,300 chances, Morneau has 8 errors. I've seen him scoop plenty of errant throws, too. He may not be Don Mattingly out there with a glove, but he's not a hack, either.
  15. Definitely congrats to you and your fishing partner...it was a sweep for you with the win and two big fish. You did the same to us last year with the big fish on Pool 4, too. I'm gonna have to start following your boat around! Kidding. Way to go.
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