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  1. ratherBfishnJP

    pike stratagies for fall

    I wasnt necessarily going to just use the Fat 3 for northerns but rather an all around bait for smallmouth and largemouth also. My numero uno bait for northerns on the mississippi has been a 1/2 oz Northland reed runner in black and dual hammered silver willow/colorado blade in the old body style(bought the rest of northlands stock and no longer are found or made anymore) not the new pro model (have had no luck on the new models) and suprisingly i get hammered when fishing for crappies with a 2 in. tube. the northerns love them and i am never prepared for them when they hit
  2. ratherBfishnJP

    pike stratagies for fall

    Yep I fish the Mississippi mainly and usually around this time the water is a dark stained tea color. This is wear I get most of my decent northern action along with some smallies hitting on these. The three places I called in the Brainerd area do not carry the DT Fat 3 and they will only keep in stock the reg DT 4.
  3. ratherBfishnJP

    pike stratagies for fall

    Hey Rum, what color DT3 do you like to use in dark stained tea colored water? I cant seem to find any DT3s in brainerd baxter area Most carry the DT4 would that still work?
  4. ratherBfishnJP

    Dissecting a new lake techniques

    i agree with the NDNR site but now it cant be accessed due to state shutdown. I like seeing the samples taken.
  5. ratherBfishnJP

    Whats goin on with the state

    Hey guys I didnt know where to put his so I put on a pretty heavily used forum. As you all know, the state is on shut down because of the deficit problem. Does this effect the DNR since they are a state job also?
  6. ratherBfishnJP


    Id like to actually be able to catch a fish off a buzzbait LOL Nver have I have tried but never even a raise.
  7. ratherBfishnJP

    Fish Trap Lake Info

    Ive fished it a few years It is a great lake for LM and there are a lot. T rigged worms, Even those pre rigged The Worm in a purple is hot for that lake around this time just take a split shot to get it a bit deeper. We also used Northland Timber Rock jigs and leaches and had some good days on that to. We fished a lot close to Sweetwater Resort.
  8. ratherBfishnJP

    Clackin Raps

    Are u throwing a 6 or you going bigger for the pike with the clackin raps?
  9. ratherBfishnJP

    Starting 5 for Northern Pike right now

    Sportfish, how do u fish the chatterbaits? Do u let em sink and hit the bottom or reel like a spinnerbait? I have some of the Booyah ones, are they any good?
  10. Hey guys, I like the idea they had on the bass page for the starting five so Ithought maybe we could do a Northern starting five. Im very curious what everyone considers as there top lures to pull the slimers out.
  11. ratherBfishnJP

    swim jigs

    I agree but I have yet to catch any on them What is the secret to a swim jig that I am missing?
  12. ratherBfishnJP

    Clackin Raps

    good deal I fish the mississippi by brainerd so im kind of interested in seeing how they work.
  13. ratherBfishnJP

    Clackin Raps

    OK guys, whats the hype on these baits? Are they great baits for Northerns? ANy specific colors and sizes I need to stick with?
  14. ratherBfishnJP

    Has anyone ever seen this before?

    WOW that picture of that northern eating the smaller one has been going around for 3 plus years Still love seeing it though
  15. ratherBfishnJP

    Big Hammer Swim Baits

    what size would work would it be safe to say the 4 inch would work or should i go bigger?