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  1. my wife is the best looking fishing partner I have so why not take her plus she loves being out on the water.
  2. In bait stores on the Mississippi you will here them called willow cats. I guess that is another name for baby bullhead. They do work very well for some reason. I usually just hook them through the lip on a 1/4 oz jig.
  3. My dad and I were night fishing on a lake near Park Rapids when we hear a bunch of dogs barking from shore then some one yells out "keep those dogs away from the bear." It is pitch dark and we start to hear some splashing from shore and we were like oh no they chased the bear into the water. We hear the dogs bark for awhile and then it goes quite and my dad says " Now we can get back to some fishing." Then all of the sudden there is a huge smacking noise and the boat is rocking violently. I was thinking oh my god the bear is scared and tired and trying to get into the front of the boat. I get to the back of the boat as fast as I can and grab a flashlight and when I shine the light at the front of the boat expecting to see a bear but to my amazment I see a dog. It must have got lost while chasing the bear. Well after cleaning my shorts out I help the exauhsted dog into the boat and we drive it into shore. My dad and I still tease each other when out night fishing one of us will yell bear once in awhile.
  4. I think the one quote somebody started but did not finish was "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day and drink beer."
  5. We were fishing out of Temple Bay Lodge. We caught most of our bigger walleyes out on the rock humps in front of Muskeg bay. Most of our pike were caught by West Three Sisters and Temple Bay. Pike were biting on jig and minnow, blue jointed rapalas and blue and chartruese(yellow) bass spinners with hammered gold willow leaf spinners. Also put a yellow twister tail on the spinner bait. The biggest muskie was caught on the bass spinner. Have fun and leave some fish for me next year.
  6. Just returned from Eagle Lake. The fishing was really starting to pick up as we were leaving. The first couple of days were really cold and rainy with a good stiff wind. We really had to work to get the walleyes to bite but the last two days the walleyes went crazy and at one point we caught 40 walleyes in two hours using a plain lead jig and minnow. Most of the walleyes were caught in 12-15 feet of water on the rock humps. If we got deeper than we started catching saugers. Did not really fish for pike but still caught a few and a few of them kept my jig and minnow. One pleasant suprise was the jumbo perch were bitting most of the perch we caught were between 10 and 13 inches. Another nice suprise were the muskies. A 20 incher, 28 inches, 43 inches and 47 inches. Three of the four caught on jig and minnow that last one caught on a bass spinner bait with a twister tail. The smallies are just spawning now which is about three weeks behind so they are just starting to pick up. We caught over a hundred walleyes between four people which is down from last year but with the cold weather and rain we did okay. The muskies made up for it.
  7. Any one been up to Eagle Lake lately? Heading up there is week and just wondering about water level, how the fish are bitting and any tips on what they are bitting on. Thanks for any info.
  8. People like that are what makes this country great. I served in the Navy in the Gulf War and personally have seen the sacrifice people from end to end of this unbelievable land have made. God Bless America
  9. I am heading back up there again this year in a couple of weeks. My wife and I were up there last year and had a great time. The service is top notch the fishing was very good. Not many big fish but we did catch a lot of fish. My wife is a part time fisherman, she likes to fish if the sun is out and it is 70 degrees. She caught so many fish that it did not matter that it was raining. They really take care of you up there you will not be disappointed.
  10. Thanks to the invention called the cell phone more and more people are being caught. I know I have the TIP line on speed dial. If I see someone over there limit and still fishing or keeping a fish out of season I am on the cell phone call my friends at the DNR. Most fisherman follow the limits set by the DNR but some do not. So this is a warning to all of the anglers who think the rules do not apply to them, cell phones are every where you never know who is watching you just do not have to worry about a conservation officer being around but 1 million anglers with cell phones ready to hit the speed dial for the TIP line.
  11. Any fishing reports from eagle lake. I am heading up there in two weeks and was curious on how is it going up there. We will be fishing out of Temple Bay Lodge
  12. Thank-you for your input. I think I will go one rod with braided line barrel swivel and a mono leader and another rod with just straight mono. That way I can really compare the two and get a first hand feel of what the braided lines can do for me.
  13. I have a question for everyone out there. I am not truly sold on fireline yet I know there are some applications where fireline is the way to go, anyway my question is I am heading to Canada shortly and people are talking about using fireline for jigging with the no stretch it works great. Well what happens if you get hung up in the rocks. Can you break the line, do you have to cut the line and leave a big tail of line out. Last year up there we lost about 30 jigs due to getting caught in the rocks or pike bite offs. When using mono and you get hung up just pull on the line and it breaks at the jig, tie a new one on and your fishing again. I just do not want to go up to Canada put fireline on my jigging rods and have nothing but problems. I am already not a very big fan of fireline just because of the way the marketed the fishing line "saying you will never have to buy fishing line again" I know there is a time and place for the braided line just wondering if this is the time and place. Thank-you for all responses
  14. Electronic Technician for a start up medical device company. I keep this job to support my fishing habit.
  15. pikemania


    35 great years of fishing here. Before I even knew what a boat was I was in one
  16. If the wind is from the east the fishing is the least. If the wind is from the west the fishing is the best.
  17. pikemania


    This is an excellent question, but I would have to go with a tip-up flag first. Nothing like a couple of flags going up at once and the mass of humanity trying to pile out of a fish house almost like a three stooges episode. Number 2 I would go with a bobber going down that will definatly raise your blood pressure a couple of notches the third I would say the twitch of a line or when a slime rocket attempts to rip the pole out of your hand that is more of a what just happened here, the gradual building excitment of a tip-up or bobber is hard to put into words your hands get sweaty your pulse increases your eyes get as big as saucers and you wait for just the right moment and then pounce on the rod or tip-up like a cat catching his prey. Makes me want to leave work right now and go ice fishing.
  18. I agree they need to bring back Virgil to the TV so we can watch what stupid thing Greg will do this week. Virgil new his fishing but I don't think his son had one brain cell in his whole head. I watched an episode as a kid I will never forget, Virgil and Greg were out in Pierre SD fishing for white bass and Greg caught a small pike and attempted to pick the fish up by the bottom lip he almost got the teeth until Virgil stopped him. My whole family used to sit around the TV and watch that show and we were all chanting for Greg to stick his hand in the pike's mouth. Alot of good memories watching Virgil Ward and the fish tank
  19. I can not decide which show is worse BJ outdoors or Midwest Outdoors. BJ outdoors is like a low budget horror film from the black and white days of the fifties and Midwest outdoors is nothing but a half hour commercial and if you want to know who the retard that is in the begining and end who says "That show was a keeper", that is Gene Laulonen (probably spelling his name wrong) he is the owner of Midwest Outdoors. I had a subscription to the magazine for a short time and I got really mad when the started reusing articles. They would write an article about smallmouth fishing and then two magazines later the exact same article would be in the magazine. Do I look that stupid to not know you are putting the same article back in the magazine. I am so tired about the same show from Voyagers National Park. Here is a tip, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I am done venting now but Midwest Outdoors is the poorest run fishing show and magazine.
  20. This is great news. It has been very frustrating trying to get certain colors of Flu-Flu jigs. They are one of my favorite for sunnies and crappies
  21. I use power pro ice and have never had a problem. I love fishing for the big pike and this stuff is tough as nails and never had a freeze up problem with tip-ups or on rod and reel.
  22. The glow red has been dynamite for me this year. When all else fails I go to the glow red and it usually produces. Have caught pike, walleye, perch, and crappies this year. The other color I have had decent success on is the hammered gold.
  23. More than a statewide minimum I would rather see a statewide max or a statewide slot limit. That will keep everything in balance. I know this is not possible on some lakes. I would rather see somebody keep a smaller walleye because it takes a smaller amount of time to reproduce a 13 inch walleye as opposed to a 25 inch walleye.
  24. How would you feel if the DNR went to a state wide slot limit to take the guess work out of should I keep the fish or not. I know I am probably opening pandoras box here but just a thought. That way everyone would keep the same size of fish and release the same. Except for Mille Lacs where the regulation changes daily. Personally I keep walleyes up to 20 inches pike up to 26 inches crappies up to 10 inches and sunnies up to 9 inches and all perch because it seems like I never catch a perch over 10 inches anyway. Just my two cents
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