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  1. Lord please be with this man.
  2. dtro thank you for relinking! Still praying!!
  3. did I miss it or can someone link to the caring bridge site
  4. fishandshroom

    Faces from the yard

    Those are Awesomely creative nice work man
  5. I saw this in the free stuff forum and came right to this forum I have not read any previous post but whenever i see a post from him i read it i dont know why but i think it stem from the topic about explaining your name i dont know for sure what his story was but i was something verry cool anyways get better man there is alot of shackbashing too do you have my prayers Jeff
  6. fishandshroom

    Is this a cracked heat exchanger (Armstrong ultra sx 80)?

    it looks like some sort of deal with to much gas to the flame sensor or ignitor
  7. fishandshroom

    Is this a cracked heat exchanger (Armstrong ultra sx 80)?

    I don't thinks it the heat ex if you take of the plenum and look it the furnace the back of that crack should be it the airstream (provided its an upflow with tubular ht ex)
  8. fishandshroom

    hardest fighter

    #1lawnchair #2soupcan
  9. fishandshroom

    Free Playing Piano Vertical Grand

    I really want this thing but need more info whats your email or mine is [email protected] THANKS
  10. fishandshroom

    Four Wheeler do you need 4x4 for on the lake?

    yeah gonna need 4 wheel mho
  11. fishandshroom

    By Bass, See You Next Year

    the best open water is yet to come get your bass out there!!
  12. fishandshroom

    Free Playing Piano Vertical Grand

    Any guess on the weight
  13. fishandshroom

    Frog methods?

    I have never used frogs before I am wonering how you use them hook depth etc... Thanks
  14. fishandshroom

    Beef Tenderloin Help

    That looks awesome!!!