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  1. Dean Schellinger


    Our hunt didn't seem quite as bad but I understand what its like. We only had a little rain but the wet snow soaked me and the dropping temps froze my clothes, gun, and dekes too. When I picked up to leave the field I couldn't get the shells out of my gun because of the snow and ice frozen in my chamber. Had to bring it home to thaw it out along with all my other stuff. Pretty wild out there today.
  2. Dean Schellinger

    Late Season Success?

    Pounded our limit of 15 yesterday out of our pit in a cut bean field. Just running traffic with about 5 dozen silos, 2 1/2 dozen foots and a couple dozen shells. Gotta love the snow, birds just get stupid. At one point had a flock of 600 birds circling in and had about 100 on the ground in the dekes. Didn't wanna wreck that many birds so we just watched for bands and when we didn't see any just let them land and then finally they flew off. Today was some TOUGH hunting. Rain early turning to wet snow covered the dekes. Then the blowing snow and dropping temps was hard on the hands. It was cold enough in a pit, a layout blind or something would have been unbearable. Most of the birds didn't seem to fly our way because of the strong wind but still mananged to scratch 8 before the weather chased us inside.
  3. Dean Schellinger

    Ate that goose

    I think that might be hint for your brother to get his own account. Its not like its that hard. wow
  4. Dean Schellinger

    hunting on the ice?

    Yeah its a [PoorWordUsage] shoot dealing with CO's alot of the time
  5. Some cool pics, don't know how the ducks don't see that table full of [PoorWordUsage] in the flooded timber?!?
  6. Dean Schellinger

    hunting on the ice?

    Up in the air, I believe in MN it might be considered open water and you need to be partially covered in naturally occuring vegetation. You might want to look into it, but if you were on shore it would definitely be ok, middle of a lake....maybe
  7. Dean Schellinger

    Best First Flasher!!!

    Vexilar FL-8 but newer models around now, still my first flasher from 13 yrs ago, haven't have a single problem with it yet
  8. Dean Schellinger

    Ice sled Hitching problem

    very cool system, might have to try that this year
  9. Dean Schellinger

    Ice Buster Bobbers: Real deal or gimmick?

    love em, best thing if you have to fish outside when the line is icing up
  10. Dean Schellinger

    Deer 08

    nice one
  11. Dean Schellinger

    Hardcore water hunters?

    That pic was taken on Sunday November 9th. One week early I hunted the same area and it looked like this...
  12. Dean Schellinger

    Divers around?

    Goldeneyes and common mergies should be comin through these days
  13. Dean Schellinger

    Shotgun Registration

    Never really thought about registering a used shotty, not a bad idea to look to see if it is stolen, good tip
  14. Dean Schellinger

    Take a look at this question...

    More shallow water seasonal nesting ponds up north in the spring with food to support young, and then south to find food and open water in the winter.
  15. Dean Schellinger

    how do you cook goose

    I second Fajitas and another way I have cooked them is by baking them with apples onions taters and bacon. Usually turns out pretty good with a full roaster.