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  1. Lindyrig81

    bowfishing tournaments?

    Yeah, your both totally right on.. how bout another metro lake? Let's motivate someone to organize something.. I know I lack the motivation part
  2. Lindyrig81

    bowfishing tournaments?

    I am wondering if there's any tournaments around the metro? I would love to see one on Tonka next spring. Is there enough people interested to make it worth trying to arrange one?
  3. Lindyrig81

    Looking for a Black and Tan Coonhound

    how do i get ahold of mark kirkhoff in brooten?
  4. Lindyrig81

    Looking for a Black and Tan Coonhound

    ok, thanks everyone for all the info, im still looking at dogs, I may wait thru the winter to get one, not sure yet...
  5. Lindyrig81

    Looking for a Black and Tan Coonhound

    ok, I have met a few walker mixes at the humane society lately ( they seem to always have some) and they seem pretty nice, I dont know what I want though, I hear some people say that hounds are horrible family pets and some say that they are one of the best.. Im not looking for a champion lined dog thats gonna wanna run non stop.. But It will be excercised alot with parks/lakes/kids.. How are they in the cold and snow??
  6. Lindyrig81

    Looking for a Black and Tan Coonhound

    are you reffering to all types of hounds? I had a beagle for 15 yrs, and she never ran away once, stuck to my side at all times, was very quiet, pretty much everything oposite of what I was told would happen when I got her.
  7. Im looking for a coonhound, a black and tan or a treeing walker maybe. Does anyone know of any breeders in or around Minnesota? Or any info on the dogs from someone who owns one would be great too. It will be mostly just a family dog, but I would like to run it once in a while, nothing to serious though.. Just looking for a good fun, well behaved dog.. Thanks for any info recieved!!!
  8. Lindyrig81

    lets see your dogs

    Im looking for a coonhound, a black and tan or a treeing walker maybe. Do you know of any breeders in or around Minnesota? It will be a family dog for the most part, although I would like to have it trained well as I have access to run it.. I had a tricolor beagle for 14 years, they are somewhat simmilar in behavior right? I know they are all different, my beagle never left my side or barked without reason.. She was also about 25-30lbs full grown.. Any info about coonhounds would be appreciated! Thanks
  9. i think id rather sit on the couch than replace salmon fishing with walleye fishing
  10. im leaving tomorrow at noon, I hear the water temps are real low, 40-50's, even some 30's
  11. Lindyrig81


    its called "the knob" You should be able to find a parts break down of the reel that will show you all the parts/part #'s What kinda reel is it?
  12. ok, thank you both very much for the replys, I do have other st. croix rods that I love, so I think i will get another. Anyone have a absolute favorite besides a custom? Is it a bad idea to try and build st croix or loomis for a first timer?
  13. Ive broken 2 St. Croix IPC Avid Series 6'6" and a 7' Med -Fast action rods...AVS66MF and AVS70MF The 6'6" was 11 months old and it broke from a 41" muskie on tonka, broke right after the 2nd eyelet, the epoxy behind all the eyelets was cracked too. I got it replaced from Dick's sporting goods because I had a year replacement "plan", it took 43 days to get a gift card from them..Next day, went to Dick's got a 7ft version of the same rod..FOUR HOURS LATER,SNAP, broke 8-10 inches of the tip by pulling line from the reel by hand, rod wasnt bent enough to warrant a snap like that, the end popped off like a tooth pick!! So i returned that one 5hrs later.. at no time was the drag too tight for what I was doing.. So, now what?? Any suggestions? Loomis?? Never had a problem with them, I have aa 6'6"light fast action gl2 that brought a 51" muskie in that sufferered no damage what so ever
  14. Lindyrig81

    Free puppies....

    any pups left? age? m or f? all golden?
  15. I heard the other boat was the one that was hit (from behind)? or was that not the case? Nice work on the rescue, it's always good to hear a story that ends like that