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  1. muskybait

    Outdoors Women Challenges

    I would love to come and visit. let me know when you are going out. the fishing has slowed some here but still a good bite. and the ice is ok
  2. muskybait

    Outdoors Women Challenges

    looks great barb you will catch lots of fish with that...
  3. muskybait

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    I would love to do some musky fishing,as of right now I am having trouble with my boat motor and not sure if it will be fixed by then. Lets keep our fingers crossed. and if you let me in your boat I still owe you a wash...
  4. muskybait

    Happy Birthday FishNovice101

    hey Happy Birthday...Hope you have a great day...
  5. muskybait

    2nd Annual Women's GTG

    here I am...been working lots so I can take time off this summer to fish. I am in for all the fun and already put in time off.I can't wait...
  6. muskybait

    Spring will just not..... SPRING!!

    sun what is that?
  7. muskybait

    Spring will just not..... SPRING!!

    I got a good 10 plus at my place and I am very tired of plowing and shoveling...
  8. muskybait

    So Excited to be Fishing on the Ice again. Yippie!!!!

    Diana I live here in Bemidji and just bought a clam 6800 so next year we should try some fishing.
  9. muskybait

    Ready for some snow?

    I just plowed about 6-7 inches and it is still snowing and now blowing...
  10. muskybait

    URL 2/20-21

    I had a great time and what a horrible pic of me...yes I do need more rest...
  11. muskybait

    So Excited to be Fishing on the Ice again. Yippie!!!!

    I can't wait to get up north. From the reports that I have been getting it sounds like it may be a great weekend for fish. My buddies at work have been going up in the am and by noon have some good fish and plenty of bites. Also the people that are going with are a riot.
  12. muskybait

    Hand Gun to buy ?? **bought one !!! *pics*

    try they have a good selection and good prices. That is where I have bought my last 5 guns.
  13. muskybait

    URL 2/20-21

    yes shelly is a good time... is Cindy coming?
  14. muskybait

    URL 2/20-21

    yes shelly is going to be there. and it is always a good time.