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  1. Yep, THESE are the good ole days... Same story for me. Started in 77 and didnt tag a deer until 1985. Its been good since then though.
  2. Watch the gauges for erratic or unusual behavior. My gas gauge started acting up after a fill up, the needle went about 50% above full. Then gradually some of the other gauges started to drift slowly off their normal range. GMC was relatively nice to me even though this happened at 85K miles they covered the part and I had to pay for labor.
  3. Mine works without batteries too!
  4. Thanks guys, that was my thought as well. Maybe I am just old school, but a box seems like the only reasonable place for a splice, in my humble opinion. Regarding the condensation, if its a cold water pipe, just make sure to insulate it that will solve 99% of tthose problems. If its in part of the house that isnt humidity controlled it will sweat a lot...
  5. While on the subject of electrical, I have a question for those of you are intimately familiar with the current code. I have fallen out of touch since its been a while since I did any significant electrical work. I have heard that there is a new device allowed for splicing wires that does not require a j-box. Is that true, or was the guy that told me this full of it? Any refernce to the code dealing with this would be great. Thanks! (Walleye - sorry to hijack your post, but is seems that the right folks were watching this, so I figured I would ask)
  6. Not that I am aware of, but I have certainly thought of that possibility... That is exactly what the kind of thing I first thougt of too. Anyone know how diffiult it is to disassemble the dash on this vehicle?
  7. Thanks guys. I have already tried both of those, including searching in behing the glove box as far as I can reach. Maybe I need someone else to search for it...
  8. Vister, I think thats his bow with an arrow on the rest... Sniper, did you tell him ya cook the heart before eating it?? I think drinking uncooked blood is a bit more disgusting than eating cooked heart. After all, its just another muscle, and its extrememly lean and tasty. Been years since I had that... We used to boil it up with some egg noodles, dang that was good.
  9. I've checked every one of the options mentioned. No bug deflector, so its not that. I checked the plastic cowling just under the back edge of the hood, and while that is loose somewhat, it wasnt the source of the noise. I also checked the little flap that covers the hinge, but that wasnt the issue either. It defeinitely sounds like its coming from inside. Another way to describe the noise would be as if you had left a plastic nut or washer sitting on the dash and you could hear it vibrating as you drive. Its really annoying, I just wish I could locate the source...
  10. April 24, eh? I usually figure ice out to be right around that time... There is still a whole lotta ice up there. Do a search on "Gunflint Webcams" and you will find a few that you can use to gauge the snow/ice situation.
  11. Ok, I have a noise on the passenger side interior of my 2004 Silverado. Its about to drive me mad, cuz I can't locate the source. The sound appears to be coming from near the passenger side dash. It sounds like two pieces of plastic rattling against each other. It doesnt seem to start until I reach at least 35 mph. I have checked everything I can reach in behind the glove box, under the dash, and in the engine compartment. (Including the glove box latch, weather stripping, etc.) Are there any common issues I should be checking for here? Any help would be really appreciated because this is starting to drive me crazy!!
  12. Another common problem is a b/o flow sensor. The unit doesnt detect any flow, so it never backwashes and recharges the resin, so no salt is used.
  13. Aaron, Nice looking display! I like the way you finished that room, it looks a lot like my basement, same color scheme as well. Only difference is I went with sheetrock on most of the ceiling instead of the pine. I know ther are still a good number of big guys in some of the prime areas this year. Saw a lot during the prime rut period, and had to let one of em walk on Oct 25th cuz I didnt have my doe yet!! 145+ for sure and HEAVY... Never did shoot one, but I know where they were living in November... Well, hope to see ya in the woods, I havent started yet, but I will be out after I get my fill of BWCA laker trips!
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