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  1. Or at least on a lake with more than 4 feet of water. Brings a whole new meaning to "No wake zone".
  2. pikedreams

    U2 anyone?

    Sorry, just too far to the left for me. I'm not going to support the socialist green party. If you want to, be my guest.
  3. pikedreams

    Speed Trolling yet?

    Normally at this time of year I'm spoonplugging at 3 to 5 mph. But this year has been atypical. Mostly because of the high water to start and then all the rain. Usually the fourth of July is the kick off for speed trolling but this year it's gonna be later. I keep testing the waters every couple of days with marginal results. I think this next week will bring us the heat we need to trigger them.
  4. pikedreams

    Hamel Rodeo

    Went out to Hamel last weekend to check out the rodeo. Having never been to one I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I learned several new things. For instance, I had no idea you could both literally and figuratively get your butt kicked at the same time. I also saw a cowboy levitate a cow....pretty cool, Chris Angel's got nothing on this guy! I also found out there are cow chiropractors!.......who knew! Man I hope there's a hair club for horses, that's gotta smart. Hats off to ya pal! Thaaaat's gonna leave a mark! All in all it was a great show and no one got hurt other than a few bruised egos and assorted body parts.
  5. Man I love this time of year! I thought winter would never end but before you know it, we're playing baseball! Had some time this last week to take in some high school and town ball games. There's nothing like hearing the crack of a bat again with a mouthful of seeds and a cold one. Overlook the fact that the grass is plastic (after all this is Minneton
  6. pikedreams

    Fiddle heads

    Do any of you have any experience cooking fiddle heads this time of year? I've got a ton of them in the woods behind my house and I'd really like to utilize a few of them as part of a nice meal. I'm told you should never take more than 3 fiddle heads off the plant at ounce to ensure a future crop, and I'm fine with that. I was thinking of steaming them for 15 to 20 minutes and then drizzling over a garlic lemon butter sauce. Anyone have any other ideas?
  7. pikedreams

    No hitter!

    First one of the season! Nice! Mayby this well fire up the troops to turn this season around. Go Twins!
  8. pikedreams

    Circus Circus!

    Yes, and I'm keeping them for myself. Take your kid to the Circus, it's a great show!
  9. pikedreams

    Circus Circus!

    Is it just me or has the Circus changed? Holy cow, I don't remember it like this. Grant you the last time I was at a circus I was probably 8 years old. But you really see things differently as an adult. [Note from admin: Edited; please see forum rules before posting again. Thank you.] Not all my pics turned out but here's a sample. Is it just me?!
  10. Shawn has it spot on! Get a real job and fish for fun. I've guided on Minnetonka for 20 years, and I continue to do it because I like to do it. Not because it's a cash cow. I have clients I've taken out twice a year for 15 years and I enjoy the commoradory. I've taken out Hollywood types, Wall street types and hog farmers from Iowa, and have enjoyed their company equally. As a fisherman you like to be around other fisherman, exchanging ideas and stories while netting a few fish as you go. You have to love people to do this job because in the end that's the reward.
  11. pikedreams

    Smoking suckers

    I believe suckers spawn first. I grew up in western Wisconsin and every spring we'd fish suckers for smoking and other people pickled them. The bite would start about mid March and go till mid April. I remember there was always snow on the ground when we were fishing for them. They would come up from the Mississippi into the feeder streams like Rush river and the Trimbelle creek to spawn. You could usually spot fish them because the water from those spring feed streams are so clear that you could see the dark backs of the suckers outlined against the light colored sandy areas in the stream. There are very good eating just a lot of bones to deal with, I guess that's why a lot of people pickled them.
  12. The ISOC National tour rolled through Elko last weekend. The sun refused to come out but that didn't slow down the action. Here's a few samples.
  13. pikedreams

    Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers

    And I hope they do my friend, It's a wonderful ride!
  14. pikedreams

    Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers

    Hmmm, Have you looked in the Vikings trophy case lateley? Spider webs, nuf said. And they've been around for 50 years. Sour grapes.