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  1. LoonState

    getting kids hooked in the metro

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated. I have fished the osceola and franconia spots as i used to live in Lindstrom.. Never really produced much for me tho. I always had a problem with all the canoes coming down river. Biggest thing i ever caught was a person that flipped their canoe into my line and got tangled up in my gear lol. Have not tried the st croix by the boom site but have heard alot about the area. And lake independence is a long haul for us.I know quite a bit about river fishing as i grew up in saint paul and shore fished pool 2 almost every day for a number of years but shore fishing has changed alot around st paul over the years. It seems like there is less fish and more sketchy people down there. If i don't feel comfortable down there by myself i really don't want to bring kids with me. I was more looking for lakes and after a little more digging on the dnr site i think we might try beaver lake off hwy 94 this weekend. Again thanks for all the ideas guys, this is just one reason i love this site. Other sportsmen willing to share info and ideas. Thanks again guys i will let ya know how we do this weekend.
  2. LoonState

    getting kids hooked in the metro

    Looking to take a 6 and 11 year old fishing. Where do you guys think would keep them most interested in the metro area? Im used to going out in a boat but do not have one myself to take them out in.. Not trying steal or take spots!(Everything caught will be released!!) Just trying to get kids into fishing who otherwise would have no interest in it!!! Smaller metro lakes with fishing piers would be great. I have done some research but everyplace i have been to has been choked with weeds last year.. Just looking for maybe a heads up on a decent lake with a peir or spot of shore line where we can cast a line and not pull in a pound of weeds and catch maybe a crappie or blue gill or a bull head! As long as some kind of fish is on the other end i could care less!! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you!!
  3. LoonState

    Let's talk Flippin Sticks......again

    Picked up a revo rocket for my flippin rod this spring and have been more than happy with it every time i have used it.
  4. LoonState

    Headed to leech

    We heard plenty of shooting and saw one group.
  5. LoonState

    Headed to leech

    Not so good. Woke up to snow covered boats and lots of wind. One bass was caught between 10 people in a 6 hour period. Water temp was 43°. Very tough day to say the least. We didn't fish it today we left leech at 8 and headed down to cedar lake in aitkin. Much much better results. Water temp was 53°. And not as windy our cold.
  6. LoonState

    Headed to leech

    Thanks for the input guys. Plan on getting up there alittle early tomarrow leaving at 7am and plan on trying a few spots. Going to try both reeds and rice, let ya know what worked out best when I get back on monday.
  7. LoonState

    Headed to leech

    We have our clubs TOC's this weekend on leech lake, (going out of steam boat bay) Who else besides me thinks this weekends cold front is going to effect the fishing big time? Going up early friday morning to pre-fish alittle. Not much hope as I have never fished leech before but am going to try and find some sorta pattern. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  8. LoonState

    island lake resivior?

    I'm going to be fishing Saturday, Sunday.
  9. LoonState

    island lake resivior?

    Anyone fished island lake resivior in St. Louis county lately? Headed up the for a few days at the end of the next week and was just wondering if the smallie bite was going good or if its tough fishing. Never been up there and any pointers for this time of year would be greatly appreciated.
  10. LoonState

    What would a 21.75" Smallmouth weigh?

    We had four big ones with about a dozen regular sized ones last week, just weighed the fatties. Looked like footballs. Very surprised by length to weight.. Mouths were tore up from munching on the crayfish also. Once the sun came out they were cruisin the rocks in about 4-6ft of water eating everything in sight.
  11. LoonState

    What would a 21.75" Smallmouth weigh?

    +1.. skinny or fat? Caught two on monday at mille lacs that were both 19 inches and fat, looked like footballs. One was 5.2lbs the other was 5.4lbs. Not sure how much two and some odd inches would add but i guess it depends on the girth also. So it seems totally possible. By the way nice fish.
  12. LoonState

    Jerry Curtis memorial.

    Anybody else fishing this tournament Sunday on north and south center?
  13. LoonState

    Chicken Wings

    Rub with EVOO then rub with Garlic powder, onion powder, mustard powder, cayenne pepper powder, paprika powder, fresh cracked pepper, McCormick five pepper spice, grill them up then sauce with franks red hot. Some of the best wings I've had in a long time.
  14. LoonState

    N/S Center Channel

    Yes its very passable. Water is way up. My buddies dock is also underwater.
  15. LoonState

    Opener destinations

    North and south center Saturday. Then off to WI to pre fish Yellow and Clam lake on sunday for our first club tournament of the year the following weekend. . What lake you planning on going to in the Chisago/ Lindstrom area?