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  1. If you are walking through snow with that heavy of a sled before you throw in all your gear its going to be a huge pain in the butt. If it were me, I would look at the Otter Cabin or Frabill Trekker Deluxe or Guardian. Seats are removable in these houses, so if its just you going, you can remove a seat and save 15+ lbs
  2. Just pulled the memory card from my hunting property in 178. Does and a couple bucks on camera but zero fawns. Hopefully if it is bucks only up there, the herd does rebound fairly quickly.
  3. Mwal is spot on. Lac Seul Adventures normally has plenty of openings July and August but June can be a bit tricky to get in. They only have 3 cabins. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions. This will be our 5th or 6th year staying there.
  4. The Navionics North Premium also has Lac Seul on it as well as quite a few other lakes in Ontario. It has 10' contour lines and shows a few hazards. I thought it was handy because it would at least give you shoreline and names of islands and bays. Would I buy this just for Lac Seul, no. But if you buy the North chip you at least get a bunch of lakes in MN and WI as well.
  5. I second Skee0025's recipe. 1 part Di-Calcium phosphate 2 parts Trace mineral salt, the red loose kind without medications 1 part stock salt/ice cream salt. I've been using this recipe for about 3 years now with good results. A 3'x3' area should be plenty. I think a mineral site works a little better in an area that has soil on the wetter side. I'd refresh it about once a month in the spring and summer. Once fall comes around the deer don't use the minerals as much. Fleet Farm will have all the ingredients you need for about $50-$60.
  6. I shoot the Barnes T-EZ in 250 grain as well. Very accurate out of my muzzleloader. Have yet to kill a deer with it though.
  7. Another one to consider would be the Frabill Guardian. I've owned one for two years now and have no complaints. The size falls somewhere between the Trekker and the Predator. The sled on it is a lot more durable and deeper then the Trekker sled. It also comes in a thermal version.
  8. This will be my girlfriends first year of deer hunting. We opted for the Savage Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP Youth gun in a 7mm-08. Great shooting gun, came with a Nikon scope, and fit her well. The 7mm-08 is a low recoil round but still is plenty big for deer with either 120 or 140 grain bullets.
  9. I heard the water level is down a little bit from normal but not bad by any means. Sounds like the walleyes are a little ahead of schedule so expect to try spots that produce in July. From the reports I have heard, the fish are biting well. I'm just hoping for some decent weather. Last year we had 5 days of crappy weather and East winds.
  10. We will be up there June 24th for 5 days of fishing. If your trip is after that I can give you a report.
  11. Sounds to me like it is trilene in that box. They make a fl. clear/blue trilene xl line that has a bluish tint that I have seen at Gander this year. Comes in a red box with a blue label saying what the line # test is.
  12. Why not try a mixture of a few clovers? Our food plot up north last fall was planted with winter rye, ladino, alsike, and a small amount of red clover. I'm curious to see how it looks this spring. We have had good luck in the past with alsike and ladino up there. The soil is a heavier soil that can be wet at times. If you are planning on doing a small amount I might go with a Branded type otherwise the field mill stuff is cheaper and seems to work just as good.
  13. This will be the second season I have had mine out. I didn't change the batteries in mine last season, even after 7,000+ pictures. I haven't had any problems with the camera at all. Can't say I am a huge fan of infrared pictures at night compared to the old flash style cameras but I guess that's the price you pay for a small camera that is easy on the batteries. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the newest version of the Trophy cam with the field scan and black LEDs but my old Moultrie keeps on kicking.
  14. I frost seeded a few weeks ago before the warm spring started. Just curious to see if anyone else did and how the clover is doing. Can it handle a few nights of freezing temps? I frost seeded into an existing clover/rye plot that we planted last fall. I was just trying to thicken up the plot a little and fill in a few spots that were missed. I won't be up there again until May so I am hoping some of the seeds will survive. I also frost seeded some at my house on a prepared seed bed just so I could track the progress of the clover. So far it has survived a few nights of freezing temps. Hopefully someone else one here has frost seeded clover and has seen some positive signs that the clover will make it through this crazy spring.
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