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    personal message

    Labs, Why?
  2. wildirishrose

    MTT Championship

    I'll be there, going to head up on the 18th
  3. wildirishrose


    Actually the June and July dates are 2 one day events per weekend, just the weekend in August is a 2 day combined lbs. event.
  4. wildirishrose

    boat insurance

    Post deleted by wildirishrose
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    ikslud, Yup 19th ave., are you up towards the rich folks (Wilds) or more on the south end?
  6. wildirishrose


    Can't wait for ice out, and yes that does say Magnum
  7. wildirishrose

    PWT as a AM.?

    Northlander, I was looking into fishing as an am too and talked to a few PWT pros, it sounds like alot of them are going to go to the FLW. I'm now checking on the FLW, cheaper entry fees and money payouts instead of "prizes". For local tourneys the MTT puts on a good tournament ($200 per boat)
  8. wildirishrose

    Lake Erie Charters?

    Want to bring my Dad out to Erie and have him get a 10+ pound eye. Can anyone recomend a good charter/place to stay and also the best time of year to go to catch the BIG fish? Sort of looking for an "all inclusive" type place. Thanks, Adam
  9. wildirishrose

    Help on four stroke oil?

    I'm an oil change nut on my cars and the book says: 3,000 miles or 3 months. My truck get about 5,000 miles a year but I still change it every 3 months because they say that after 3 months the oil starts to break down. I would guess that it's the same deal in 4 stroke outboards. Mabey the Yamaha oil is made to last longer than normal car engine oil, I don't know, but wouldn't take the chance.
  10. Wideyes, the next Mille Lacs date me and my neighbor Jim will be out to give it a try (can't wait). My Brother inlaw has fished it before and said it was a blast. I hope to fish at least 3 or 4 of the remaining dates.
  11. wildirishrose

    White Otter Lake

    I've gone to White Otter the last 2 years, the "leader" of the group has been going there 1 or 2 times a year for 30+ years (he has not missed going for 31 yrs.) We camp on an Island north of the "narrows" and south of the castle. It's hard to believe how neat those 1:00 A.M. moon rises are. One of our group claims he has never been to Canada and gone to bed the same day he's gotten up. If the times I've been there are typical of years I wasn't there, well I can't doubt him!!
  12. wildirishrose

    Just how many deer does one man need?

    Stuck a doe in Sept. and shot a small buck in Nov. Have been out of venison for 3 weeks. Next year I'll be "sticking" 2 does and shooting 1 buck and not 1 chop, steak or trimming will go to waste (my wife and daughter eat the jerkey trimmings faster than I can make it). I guess I'm pretty lucky, we love to eatem almost as much as I like to harvest them.
  13. wildirishrose

    30.06 versus 7MM

    I have all Nikon glass (scope and binos) and have not been disapointed. The term "you get you pay for" applies in optics. What I use is middle of road, my Dad's buddy has all Zeiss optics ($2,000 to $3,000) and you can really tell the difference in "real world" conditions. You can't see the difference in the store. But for MN hunting the Nikon equipment I have has been "perfect" so far. By the way the scope sits on top of a Ruger 77 7MM. An '06 is a great caliber also with lots of factory bullet weights if you're not into reloading. Good luck this fall and shoot straight.
  14. wildirishrose

    Permanent Stand

    Go to your local sporting goods store and buy a portable and some strap on steps, you won't damage the trees or tick anybody off if your hunting public land.