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  1. I kinda wish he had spotted a good GSP instead of a a good GPS and I have a red dog. I had to change some settings and stuff. I think the home waypoint is in Chanhassan and the cabin is in Hubbard county.
  2. I don't think this one was there more than a day or two but maybe. My son spotted it from the back seat of the pickup. We couldn't believe he saw it, he said it must be because he is used to watching the road. He recently got back from doing route clearance in Afghanistan.
  3. Hello: I found a GPS last weekend. The owner lives somewhere around the cities. Contact me if you lost one.
  4. If your around St. Cloud go to Menards and talk to Steve in the paint department. He knows his stuff. I had not bought paint for some years and what I bought last summer is darn impressive.
  5. Second guess would be a shorted alternator. If your inclined (sacrifice another fuse?) you could losen the belt and rotate the alternator half a turn & try again.
  6. Hanson: Don't know if you have this figured out yet but my first guess would be a shorted out starter. Did it turn over at all after you replaced the fuse?
  7. herdog

    Ice Anchors

    The wind today got me thinking about this again. I chased my fishhouse once and saw it a couple times, I wish I had video since it would be sure money on funnyist home videos. What I have been doing with my Otters is carrying a few lag bolts 1/4" or 3/8" 8" or 10" long. I take a small hammer and just drive them in the ice a few inches, apparently they refreeze in almost instantly and they hold like rock solid. To get them out just whack sideways a few times & remove. It's worked great so far.
  8. I resorted to http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ to find some bullets and things. However, to get high pressure sabots I believe I ordered directly from http://www.mmpsabots.com/. Both places had just excellent service.
  9. Lawdog, It's just another Muzzleloader that needs each shot handloaded in the field. Incidently, If the Omega with Triple 7 is not a big improvement over the old smokepole, the old smokepole is not very old or something.
  10. Lawdog, Thanks for the comeback. I would fully like to adress the finer points but I am off to the desert early tomorrow to learn more about terrorists and such. For you to say we need to prove why an existing law needs to be overturned when the law came from no where with no input or justification is b.s. Your muzzleloader shoots just as well and actually has advantages over my Savage. Why should mine be banned and not yours?
  11. Lawdog, I was not trying to mislead anybody about anything. Its just interesting facts. You seem to be opposed to us using Smokeless Powder in our Savages. Would you mind saying why? From what you said you are shooting about the most advanced Muzzleloader/Powder combination possible. ScoutII or Whoaru: Do you know much about other Muzzleloaders that shoot Smokeless?
  12. You Make good points Ufatz and I can't say I like the way the muzzleloader season has gone. I would not be surprised if we were considering a "primitive" season some time soon. Anyway I got to thinking about what powders are traditional. I did just a little research. Black Powder has been around for 6-7 centuries. Smokeless (Nitrocellulose) Powder was made by the 1890's Pyrodex was patented in 1975. Cleanshot was made about 2002. Later became American Pioneer Powders (Goex, Shockey's, and others). Triple 7 was introduced in 2004. Here is a link to more info than anybody probably needs. http://www.chuckhawks.com/smokeless_powder_muzzleloading.htm
  13. As long as I'm ranting I may as well follow up on, and refute, the other reason I think someone may be opposed to the Savage muzzloader. That is that it is not primitive or traditional enough or too easy & convienent. Certainly, there is not much primitive about the savage, but neither is there anything primitive about any of the vast majority of muzzloaders sold in the last 5 years. Triple-7 and Goex are highly engineered modern powders. I mentioned "casual Muzzleloader hunter" in one of my first posts. By that I meant the person who goes and buys a Gun, Powder Pellets, and Bullets the week before the season starts, maybe shoots it once, and then goes hunting. As far as ease and convienience the Savage certainly has its own Peculiarities, and needs plenty of care and feeding to keep it shooting properly. If I am shooting a Black Powder substitute that should be cleaned more often I will take my NEF, it's lighter and easier to clean. The first muzzleloader I owned is a Hand Built, Side-lock, percussion cap Kentucky Rifle that I shot for 20+ years. The Savage is just about the opposite and I suppose I chose it because it was so different and therefore interesting. And yes I certainly did want more reliability and better performance.
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