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  1. I'm up for fishing in the tournament, but I don't have a partner. Anybody interested in joining me?
  2. I fished this tournament a couple years ago and had a good time. The weather wasn't so great even had a little snow storm. If I remember right there were 20-25 fish caught. They had some nice prizes and drawings. You could sign up the night before at a pizza place, which was the same place the awards ceremony was. The big fish was about 45". I wanted to go back last year but couldn't find any info on it. If you find out info on it please pass it on I think it would be fun to go back, especially now that I know a few things about the lake!
  3. I'm heading up there from the 22nd to the 26th and we are staying on the north shore and was wondering what the water temps are around the lake? Basically wondering where the warm water is right now? south or north end east or west? Sounds like its been pretty slow up there, but maybe the warm weather and the full moon will turn those big girls on after spawning. Of course any fishing tips are appreciated, and if anyone is going to be fishing then and want to get together let me know.
  4. I haven't been able to try it around here much yet, but when I fished on the Ottawa R. in Canada we would put a large 4inch clear dipsy diver on a rod placed in a holder directly out over the main motor and crank the release down pretty hard and attach a 4 foot 100lb florocarbon leader to the back of the dipsy and let about 15 to 30 feet of line out. This technique works great with spinner baits, bucktails, most cranks and jerkbaits, even bulldawgs and other rubber lures. Large spoons I didn't have good luck with they seemed to move the dipsy too much and make it spin up to the surface which it will due if not properly tuned with any lure. The dipsy at least the clear one never was hit by the muskies and never caused a problem when fighting a fish. This method allows the lure to get right under the prop wash and be easily visable for the fish. It has accounted for many muskies in the 40's including two 47's in the same day. Maybe this will give some of you trollers a new trick!
  5. Thanks for the info, sounds like I may need to check it out someday!
  6. I just heard that there is muskies in clear lake. Just wondering if it's true, and if so would it be worth a couple hour drive. Numbers, Size, any tips. just thinking maybe a weekend trip over the summer.
  7. I love them. They are quite durable. I trolled with them on the Ottawa River and caught 3 fish(44,45, and 45) in one day on a red and white one can't remember the name, but I think they quit making them, it's been a couple years, and since then I've started making my own. I like the willow leaf and Indiana blades the best. I also think they tend to rust less since they dry faster.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has noticed a particular color that works better on Mille Lacs. Does the time of year change the color?
  9. Ok I just moved here a year ago from upstate New York and the rules were pretty simple and I grew up in Iowa and there I thought the rules were pretty simple. I have a bow license which I believe is for either sex, a multi zone Buck license and 1 bonus permit. I didn't read nor was I informed that I could only shoot 1 Buck. So your saying that If I shoot a buck in October with my bow, that my multi- zone Buck license will become null and void unless I go to the northwest corner of the state? I should get my money back then because I won't make it up there. I will be hunting in 3A with my gun and several places with my bow. In New York I could shoot 3 bucks and 2 does! 1 bow, 1 shotgun/rifle, and 1 muzzle loader.
  10. My neighbor has a Cabin on Big Round Lake near Hayward,Wisconsin. He says there is muskies in the lake but has never fished for them. Does anyone have any information on this lake or would we be better off trailering over to the Chippewa Flowage. I have never been to the area and he has never muskie fished. Any help woud be greatly appreciated! I would love to post a picture next week! ------------------ May your replica be large and your stories even Larger!
  11. Just wondering If this Lake is worth Muskie Fishing in, or if heading over to the Chippewa FLowage would be better. My neighbor has a cabin there and we'll be spending 3 days there next week. I've never been to the area and he's never muskie fished. Any help to get us going in the right direction would be appreciated! I'd love to get a picture to post! ------------------ May your replica be large and your stories even Larger!
  12. Calvinist, I have to work Friday morning, unfortunately. French Lake is a little west of Faribault. There is definitly some good muskies in there just getting them to bit is the problem. I've never Fished Minnetonka, but keep saying I'm going to try it. Where would you put in at? It would probably take me about 2 hours to get up there, I'll give it some thought. ------------------ May your replica be large and your stories even Larger!
  13. calvinist, Lets go muskie fishing, I've got the net and anything else we may need! Thursday French Lake about 2pm till ??
  14. I would definitly start watching HSOList, garage sales, store sales and save my money for a good quality large coated net to put your mind at ease when you hook-up with that 50"er. Also make sure you have the proper hook remover, bolt cutters and mouth spreaders, to help insure that qick release. Congrats the catches! ------------------ May your replica be large and your stories even Larger!
  15. I agree with grebe, besides it would be good for the muskies to eat a few of the walleye to help keep the population in check. Catching lots of little 8-10" walleye gets old. Thin the population a bit and there would a healthier population and a better size average. Have you ever fished a farm pond where no bass are kept? what happens? They become stunted, due to over population. The food chain can only hold so much biomass at each level, which depends on the fertility of the body of water. ------------------ May your replica be large and your stories even Larger!
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